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posted by DNN Ready - 6/8/2015
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Visual representation of any hierarchical data is made easy now. DNN Ready team presents you Network Tree Module. Module 34741
  • $399.00 Standard (Single Domain, valid for 1 year)
  • $699.00 Professional (Multiple portals installation within one DNN instance,valid for 1 year)
  • $1,499.00 Enterprise Edition (Server licence, multiple instance and multiple portals,valid for 1 year)


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There are tons of great DNN modules for visual charts out there for graphing data of all types. (We know, we keep up with that stuff) This one is different. We’re giving you all kinds of control and features. And yes, you guessed it, that’s why it’s a little pricey. As on our other dotnetnuke modules, we’ve worked some solid hours on it. But hey, enough about that. You need to see it to understand it.

The reason we called our newest DNN module the “Network Tree” is because of the first project that this idea came from. As a DNN module creator and consumer, we identified the need to build a tool that allowed us to not only view, but manipulate a downline multimarketing commission genealogical hierarchy. PHEW that was a mouthful! But you’re going to love this.

We’re giving you quite a bit of control for whatever kind of test drive you want to take this baby out on. You can change the color theme of the bubbles and search for your users, but that’s simple stuff. Add your own SQL variables and queries in order to drag and drop and update the records and even delete. The tokens allow you to place whatever data you need to place wherever you need it!

The list is virtually endless, but check out a few of the ways you can use the network tree module:

  1. Drag and drop your own DNN Menu items
  2. Tracking genealogy
    1. Family trees
    2. Animal blood lines
  3. Company staff structures (who reports to whom)
  4. Product made up of component
  5. Affiliate marketing systems
  6. Multi-Level Marketing systems
  7. Direct Sales systems
  8. Site maps etc.

Try out the trial feature for 30 days and we are sure this module will leave you amazed!


1. What is Network Tree?

Network Tree is a tool developed for the DotNetNuke or DNN platform which enables user to view any type of hierarchical data visually in form of tree structures like basic or advance chart. Under this module, user will be able to perform various operations like search, move, and delete members.

2. What Features are available in Network Tree?

  • Visual representation of hierarchical data
  • Retrieving hierarchical data from a specific location in a table
  • Multiple designed tree structures for the representation
  • Displaying data related to a node using a tool tip and MyTokens
  • Moving nodes in a tree
  • Deleting nodes in a tree
  • Setting up permission roles for Move and Delete operations
  • Writing T-SQL directly into the module to load tree data
  • Passing variables (Tokens) into the SQL to return specific data
  • Search feature in the data set

3. How tech-savy do I need to be to use Network Tree?

Basic SQL knowledge is sufficient to use this module. This module aims at aiding users with little or no programming experience

4. Can I upgrade to different license type ?

5. If I upgrade DNN, do I also need to upgrade Network Tree?

Not necessarily, but it's recommended because we test and optimize for new versions. At times, new DNN update might come with features not supported with the module operations. It's recommended to upgrade all at once to optimize the Q&A costs.