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posted by MyDNN - 6/2/2006
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Source code corresponding to MyDNN TimeZones Pro. Use this source code to make your own modifications to customize how the module works. Module source and install only. Module 4837


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Source code comes with this version.


Update (version 1.2.3):

I've released a new version of the MyDNN TimeZones Pro module (v 1.2.3).

  • Integrated SWObject to get rid of the annoying box 'Click to activate' on each of the clocks.
  • Added new clocks Swoop, Quartz, and Digital with Date.
  • Moved style sheets into module.css and now each clock has two classes ClockTZ and ClockTZ897 (module number). This allows for cascading styles to be applied (styles were previously emmitted inline and couldn't be overridden).
  • Tested with DNN 4.5.3 through latest version.

swoop digital.png

2-color digital:
2-color digital single.png




MyDNN TimeZones Pro (source)

Show time zones on your site with MyDNN TimeZones. Display attractive digital or analog clocks for several time zones in the US, Europe, or Worldwide. Display clocks as either analog, digital, or digital 24-hour in colors of white, black, black unadorned, blue, green, or yellow.


The module has been updated to version 1.2 which adds the ability to show clocks in a vertical row and includes numerous updates to pass the DotNetNuke Module Review Program.



MyDNN offers three variations of clock modules:





Digital Clock Display

Analog Clock Display

Variable width and height

Set a background color

Show time on visitor’s computer


Multiple time zones


Vertical or Horizontal display


Adjust for daylight saving time


Display your own time zones


Set your own saving time change


Clock: The clock simply shows the visitor’s time in the browser.  The clock can be configured in a number of different looks.  Visit the Clock module page.

TimeZones Standard: MyDNN TimeZones Standard shows one of several pre-set time zone configurations.  Predefined time zone lists include:

  • World Cities (London, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York)
  • European Cities (London, Paris, Athens, Moscow)
  • European Zones (Greenwich, Western, Central, Eastern)
  • US Cities (New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles)
  • US Zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific)

TimeZones Pro:  MyDNN TimeZones Pro adds the capability to define your own time zone settings with the location, offset, abbreviation, and saving time change for each zone.

These settings:


Produce this result:


This module allows you to specify arbitrary time zones!  Show your different office locations, dream about the time at the location of your upcoming vacation get-away, or the time where your parents/children are!

For more information and to see the module in action, go to the MyDNN TimeZones page.  If you would just like a clock, see the MyDNN Clock offering here on Snowcovered.  Buy them both together and get a discount!

The module has been tested on IE, Firefox, and Opera.  The word 'Time Zone' in the display above will appear slightly different in the three browsers.

You are welcome to download the .pdf help file that is distributed with this module.

Suggestions for improvement or additional time zones to add are welcome!




  • Q: i have a problem with time zone module, i need to remove the "(UTC)" text from the module i don' need to display it but i can't do that. i tried to do that by Customization the module.css file but the class tha i should custom it not assigned correctly to the span at the code you can see the problem in the clock.vb file ther is "=" missing in the code in line 215 the code ther is "SWFText.Append("<span class'TZAbbrev'>(" + zi.ZoneAbbrev + ")</span></div></div><BR STYLE='line-height:3px;'>" + vbCrLf)" notes that the span tag has "class'TZAbbrev' " i think it must be "class='TZAbbrev' " this mae me can make display of this span is none by Css but now i can't because this bug please help me to fix this problem ASAP thanks

    A: To change the color of the text displayed in the module, use this CSS code below: .ClockTZ { color: white; border-top: thin white solid; border-bottom: thin #AAA solid; } .TZLabel { font: 65%; font-weight: bold; color:#AAA; } To hide the UTC offset, you need to set the display to 'none' .ClockTZ .TZName SPAN { display:none; }

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Use this module on one DotNetNuke site only (which may contain multiple portals and domains). Source code or products resulting from it may not transferred or sold. License permits maintenance by a third-party when the result is not sold or redistributed outside of the terms of the original license (one DotNetNuke site only) or be used to compete against MyDNN products.