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Portal Analytics is 2 powerful and professional modules on dnn 7. 1-Visitor Statistics. 2-User Monitoring Module 34262
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MyDnn Analytics Package

2 professional and powerful modules in one dnn package!


MyDnn Analytics Statistics

About Statistics module

Statistics module is a powerful and comprehensive tool. It analyzes data and save them in portal database. Finally we represent statistics by different attractive templates.
Simple Statistics Total Statistics
Easy to use
Simple and User Friendly admin panel
Modern Technology
Dnn 7 Service framework, web api, dal2
Full Template Base
use jquery template, beautiful templates
High Performance
analysis of several million records

Main Features

Number of visits, and number of unique visitors
Daily Statistics,Weekly,Monthly,etc.
Visits of robots
Browsers used , Mobile detection
Country detection by IP location
City detection by IP location
Referer sites , Social networks - stats & trends
Search engines and keywords used to find your site
Page Views
Active Users,Online Users
Full Template base
Several Beautiful Templates,Online Templates
Easy to use, easy to understand
User Friendly
Fast, Secure, Stable
Web Api,DAL2,Ajax,Jquery,Jquery Template

2.User Monitoring

MyDnn Analytics User Monitoring

About User Monitoring module

If you have a user base web site, we recommend you to use this module. It gives you very useful reports like latest registered users, latest logged in users, online users, today - yesterday -last week - last month site visitors.

Main Features

Show site users
Monitoring user logins in an interval
Users who visited the site daily,weekly,...
Online users
Active users(most visited)
Sort by last login
Sort by last register
sort by first register
Show the country and city of users
Show the number of site visits by users
Search users by displayname
Send message to user
Full template base
Online templates
Easy to use, easy to understand
User friendly
Fast, Secure, Stable
Web Api,DAL2,Ajax,Jquery,Jquery Template


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Some of your Questions:

How does statistics module work? What are its resources?
Like other analytic providers (e.g. Google analytics) this module analyzes site visits data and save them in the portal database.It gets all data from “sitelog” table. The module has a timer; gets new data hourly, analyze them and save them in its tables. For simple statistics like site visits and number of visitors it gets the data instantly. But for complex ones like analyzing the data per devices, browsers, countries, keywords, etc. data are checked and saved each hour.
Having powerful statistic services like Google analytics, why do we need this module?
There are couple of reasons. First, you have to go to Google site to see your site statistics. But by this tool, you don’t need any referring. So you can see all you need inside your website. Secondly, providers like Google analytics save your data in their own database therefor you are always depended on them. This module removes this dependency by saving data in your portal database. So you can catch statistic data of your site anytime, even offline. Third and the most important clue is that you might need to show some statistics to your users or some role groups. This is not available by other analytic providers but in our module. You can simply give access to any role group to see different statistics.
Can we show simple statistics to users?
Sure. Not only all analytic data are stored in portal database but also this module is completely template base. Therefor you can show simple or advanced statistics to users by different and appropriate templates.
How can I use this module?
This module is a very simple one. Start by installing MyDnnLibrary package and then MyDnnAnalytics package. Then add Statistics module in your page. Go to admin panel, select appropriate template and see all you need.
What version of Dnn is compatible with this module?
It is compatible with Dnn 7 and higher.