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posted by IowaComputerGurus Inc. - 2/18/2012
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Adding a confirmation screen to external links to your site is made easy by this module. Define the link in the module, use its generated link across the site, users will be taken to a confirmation page with your customized confirmation text and then be redirected to their destination. Module 24729
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It is a common requirement to add a legal disclaimer or other form of warning before redirecting users to an external website.  However, historically it has been hard to manage links and confirmations globally across a DotNetNuke based website.  With Link Disclaimer we are able to get around this limitation and can quickly manage and deploy links across an entire portal.

Centrally Manage Links

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Using a single content manager you can define and update all external links using this simple interface. Since links within the portal all are targeted to the destinations managed here, changing a link to go to a different place is easy, with a single update here changing the link for all instances across the portal.

Consistently Build Links

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Using the Link Builder interface there is no need for clunky Javascript or other custom snippets, simply select the desired target URL and click "Generate" and you will be given a link that can be used anywhere and the user will see your configured confirmation screen before leaving the site.

Simple End-User Interface

Confirm View

With a Rich Text Editor to define your confirmation text and the ability to use tokens to inject the Target URL into content you can easily introduce a disclaimer of any size.


Product License

Licensing is available on a Per-Install or Per-Company basis per the pricing listed.

Install Licenses allow usage on a single DotNetNuke installation. A company license allows for usage on any number of DotNetNuke installations managed by the same company.