Iphone, Android, and Windows Apps from your existing DNN Site

posted by Hazen Wilson - 3/25/2015
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Have a Dnn site. Want to make it an app? We use your existing site and create an Iphone, Android and/or windows app using your existing mobile site. We do the heavy lifting with the sdk's, development, signing, submitting, provisioning, etc Other 34442
  • $1,199.98 Android App
  • $1,199.98 Iphone App
  • $1,999.98 We will build both Android and Iphone apps and submit to itunes and google play
  • $2,799.98 Build all apps. iphone, android and windows and subbmited to respective store.
  • $1,199.98 Windows Mobile App


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Have a Dnn site.  Want to make it an app?  We use your existing site and create an Iphone, Android and/or windows app using your existing mobile site.  If you do  not have a mobile site, then we can help you create one using recommended skins/modules from the dnn store.  

We do the heavy lifting with the sdk's, Submission to the app store, development,  signing, submitting, provisioning, etc

DNN has great out of the box features, with amazing plug ins to help you or your clients get up and running fast.  The one thing left out is the world of apps in iphone,android and windows.  We have the ability to bridge that gap here for you.  Let us get you up and running in the app stores.  

Learn a whole new way to market your business and dnn web sites.  Show your coworkers, employees, friends, family, and the world.  "I am in the app store!"

Let us get you to the next level of business.  

We have been involved with DNN since 2007.  Our first versions were 4.0. Developed, tested and built numerous modules.  We can talk DNN all day long..  Let's talk about getting your app built.

Purchase your app development package today!

What's it cost to get an app built and in the apps store.

An Iphone app in development can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  New technology with the ios platform, upgrades, new techonlogy, economies of scale don't kick in for a bit.  Use what you already have, be able to have your mobile site and your app on the dnn platform, and not have to keep spending money upgrading your apps, continuously submitting to the app stores.  And this is ONE of the platforms. 

[Database App (native) – $8,000-$50,000 (According to bluecloudsolutions.com)]

Examples of our live products
Itunes:  apple.co/1Cr8rJc
Google Play:  bit.ly/18Z6mrB


Developer Fees and publishing

We cover the developer fee of $99 and publishing

Optional Services
We can provide you with as much or as little help as you want. Here is a list of services we offer: 

Things you will need to provide – Create icons and splash screen graphics, take screen shots and publish it to iOS and Android app stores.  These are simple and we will provide images for templates in the download of the product and ways to make the necessary screen shots.  We can create for you for a small extra fee, or you can use our templates and send them back to us for app creation

Our Publishing SAVES YOU FROM:
Our publishing services can be very helpful in several cases:

1. YOU DON'T HAVE TO go through the multi-step process of submitting your app to app stores.
2. YOU DON'T HAVE TO   -  have a Mac (which you need for the IOS app)
3. YOU DON'T HAVE TO - Have an android

Additional services: 

Upgrade your dnn site version, move your site and severs to dnn Azure platform, add ssl certificates to azure (can be a little complicated), suggest modules and custom configurations, configure/optimize site for mobile.  Please contact us for details, these are block purchases and can be discussed offline at this point.