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InnestoNuke - AspDotNetStorefront Ecommerce Connector

posted by Brilliance Business Solutions - 1/4/2012
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An extension for DotNetNuke that allows DotNetNuke to be used with AspDotNetStorefront in a way that is seamless for the end-user. Includes InnestoNuke Installation. Module 23408
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DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront, Together Forever.
A Powerful Combination for the Serious E-commerce Merchant.

For years, AspDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) and DotNetNuke (DNN) have been the two biggest names in ASP.Net technologies for e-commerce and content management. InnestoNukeTM brings the two permanently together, giving online merchants a professionally supported, PCI complaint DotNetNuke shopping cart plus reliable, enterprise quality content management. The ASP.Net experts at Brilliance Business Solutions created the InnestoNuke™ DotNetNuke extension to unite these two popular platforms seamlessly for years to come, while still maintaining each program's separate code base.

InnestoNuke™ Features – Connecting DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront

Shared Login Shoppers can enter your DotNetNuke portal and browse your store without needing to log in again and vice-versa. In fact, they’ll never know they made the transition.

Change Password

Users who change their password in DotNetNuke find it’s also changed within AspDotNetStorefront, and vice-versa.

Shared Admin Privileges

Gain a site administrator role in DotNetNuke and you’re automatically an Admin in AspDotNetStorefront.

Shared Membership Configuration

Application variables within AspDotNetStorefront configure the membership settings for both DNN and ASPDNSF.

Forgot Password

Shoppers who forget their password can reset using a generated email link from both DNN and ASPDNSF.

InnestoNuke TM Utilities

Items such as skin tokens for the User Login and Account functions and scheduled tasks offer a seamless transition between DNN and ASPDNSF.

AspDotNetStorefront Provides Powerful Functionality

10,000+ users know the power of AspDotNetStorefront to deliver an extensive feature set right out of the box. Here are a few key reasons it’s the favorite of serious e-commerce merchants.

SEO Friendly URLs

Search engine friendly keywords are built into each category and product URL. URLs can be rewritten using custom rules.

Customer Specific Pricing

Customers can be assigned to levels with specific product pricing or assigned discounts.

Product Kits

Product kits allow shoppers to configure their own products online. Changing price and weight based on user choices.

Distributor E-mail Notifications

Product distributors can receive automatic e-mails that trigger drop shipping of ordered products.

Web Service Interface

Allows developers to integrate other programs and databases with your online store.

Dynamic Related Products

Intelligent product matching can automatically determine which related products should appear on a product page.

Recently Viewed Products

Customers can see images of product pages they have recently visited in this Amazon-like feature.

Order Tracking E-mail Notifications

An “Order has shipped” e-mail is automatically generated with shipper tracking information.

PCI Compliant Code

AspDotNetStorefront code is fully PCI compliant.

SEO Driven Design

Each product and category can have a unique dynamic page title, META keyword, META description, and ALT tags.

Multiple Stores with Single Administration

Merchants can operate multiple stores through controls administered in a single admin area.

Easy Re-Order

Customers can click to re-order any past order.

Wholesale-Only Mode

Allows you to restrict sales to approved users only.

Advanced Inventory Controls

Ability to hide products with dangerously low inventory levels, or set products to show Out of Stock if below preset threshold.

Customers Who Bought X Also Bought Y

AspDotNetStorefront can automatically recommend products based on other customers’ orders histories.

Minimum Order Requirement

Can require a minimum order amount to be met before allowing checkout.

Limit Products By Customer Group

Allows the opportunity to tailor product selections to members of customer groups, based on an individual login.

Admin Phone Order Entry

Customer service staff can login and impersonate a customer without needing to ask for their password and place an order.

International Features

VAT calculations, currency conversions, localization and integration with International fulfillment services.

AspDotNetStorefront Add-On Functionality

Thanks to its popularity, many new and powerful add-ons are constantly being developed for AspDotNetStorefront. InnestoNukeTM helps put them all at your fingertips.

Google Product Feed (dotFeed)

Configures for automatic submission into Google’s Product Search. Ongoing support to meet Google’s changing requirements.

Mobile Commerce

Allows customers to easily navigate a mobile site and place orders from an iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile device.

Auto Coupon

Customers can be emailed a coupon for a future order immediately after placing a qualifying order.

Accouting/ERP Software Integration

Integrate with 40 major accounting systems through eBridge software: QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, and more.

Avalara AvaTax

Always be sure you're charging the correct tax without worrying about maintaining tax rates yourself!

For demo videos, information on installation services, and more information, please visit us at http://www.InnestoNuke.com/ or email us at sales@InnestoNuke.com




  • Q: Is there a free trial version available?

    A: Yes, a free trial is available here: http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/innestonuke---free-trial

  • Q: I was wondering if your shopping cart has any QuickBooks point of sale integration? Thanks,

    A: Yes, AspDotNetStorefront can integrate with QuickBooks Point of Sale using Atandra T-HUB http://www.atandra.com/

  • Q: What does the 1 Year Updates include? If I have multiple InnestoNuke licenses do I need to license the Updates for each one?

    A: Offers 1 year access to the latest version of InnestoNuke each DotNetNuke installation that has a "1 Year Updates" option. Each DotNetNuke installation running InnestoNuke must have the "1 Year Updates" purchased for it. Additional licensed domains within the same DotNetNuke installation do not need updates purchased for them. The 1 Year Updates does not include labor or installation assistance.

  • Q: How many domains are covered with one InnestoNuke license? What if I need to license additional domains?

    A: A standard InnestoNuke license covers a single DotNetNuke domain on a single DotNetNuke installation. Additional DotNetNuke domains can be licensed at $199/domain.

  • Q: Will the use of two applications impact my site's usability?

    A: No. When sites are properly configured, InnestoNuke allows customers to move back and forth without even knowing there are two different applications in use. In fact, the use of these two platforms together improves your sites' usability through the latest features of both platforms

  • Q: How can two separate applications of DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront be used together?

    A: They are typically installed at different subdomains. For example, DotNetNuke is installed at http://www.yourcompany.com/ and AspDotNetStorefront is installed at http://store.yourcompany.com/. The two sites have skins that are set up to present a seamless transition from one site to another. For best performance, we recommend having the databases installed on the same SQL server.

  • Q: What is required to setup InnestoNuke?

    A: The installation requirements can be viewed here http://www.innestonuke.com/products_and_services/installation_requirements The installation steps can be viewed here http://www.innestonuke.com/products_and_services/installation_process If you need assistance with the InnestoNuke installation, we provide these services and also are in contact with other development teams that can assist you. Please contact our sales team for more information at http://www.innestonuke.com/contact_sales

  • Q: What versions of DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront does this support?

    A: InnestoNuke has been tested with DNN version 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, 6.1 and AspDotNetStorefront version 9.x. It is designed to allow ongoing support of new versions. If you need support for versions that are not listed, please contact us.

  • Q: Do I have to purchase a separate AspDotNetStorefront license?

    A: Yes, you need to purchase a separate AspDotNetStorefront license. You can purchase this from AspDotNetStorefront or you can also purchase these licenses from our team at sales@InnestoNuke.com. In addition, to being an AspDotNetStorefront reseller we are also an approved development partner and can assist you with your AspDotNetStorefront project or connect you with other developers who can.

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Product License

Whereas, Brilliance Business Solutions owns and offers the use of its InnestoNuke ™ software application via a software product 1 license key (“the License Key”), and,

Whereas, YOU desire the use of such License Key,

Therefore, based upon sufficient legal consideration, including payment by YOU, receipt of which has been separately acknowledged, and the covenants contained herein, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:

Acceptance. By installing the License Key, YOU agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement to the full extent of the law. Further, YOU acknowledge that YOU have read this Agreement and fully understand it.

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Grant of Limited Use Rights. Under this Agreement, YOU, and no other person or entity, are granted limited use rights of the License Key provided. Under such grant of limited use, YOU may install the License Key to access and use the InnestoNuke ™ software application for use on a single web domain owned by YOU in connection with a single DotNetNuke ™ 2 (“DNN”) installation. This License Key is licensed per DNN domain; each DNN domain must have its own unique license key. In addition, you may use the License Key for local web development purposes through localhost on a single (1) computer system. All versions of InnestoNuke ™ are designed to be used in a website as an Authentication System and Membership Provider within DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStoreFront. InnestoNuke ™ is not a development tool. InnestoNuke ™ may not be incorporated into any software product or script sold or offered in any way to any third (3rd) party.

Accordingly, multiple use or other uses of the License Key is strictly prohibited; multiple use and other use options are available under other packages and agreements offered by Brilliance Business Solutions.

Restrictions and Limitations Without any limitation to Key Provider, the following Restrictions and Limitations apply:
A. YOU may not assign, rent, lease, sell, share or transfer in any way the License Key, or your limited use rights under this Agreement, without special prior written permission from Brilliance Business Solutions. B. YOU may not do or attempt to do any of the following: copy, reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble any version of InnestoNuke™ if YOU do not legally own a source code license.

Ownership. Brilliance Business Solutions shall retain all ownership rights of the License Key at all times.
Retention of Rights and Remedies. Brilliance Business Solutions reserves and retains all of its rights and remedies, whether legal or equitable in nature.
Liability. In no event shall Brilliance Business Solutions be liable for any causes of action, claims, or any alleged or actual damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of information or any other pecuniary loss) related to or arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the License Key by YOU, even if Brilliance Business Solutions has been advised of the possibility or occurrence of such damages.

Termination. Without limitation or prejudice to any other rights, Brilliance Business Solutions may terminate this Agreement with YOU, or any part of thereof, at any time, by written notice, if YOU fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement in any way. Upon such termination, YOU must immediately cease use of the License Key and destroy all copies of InnestoNuke ™, any derivative work(s), and all of its/their component parts, and take all steps necessary to hold harmless Brilliance Business Solutions.

Governing Law, Venue and Jurisdiction. As to Governing Law, Venue and Jurisdiction, the parties agree and consent as that, regardless of Conflict of Laws principles, this Agreement shall be construed under and governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, with proper Venue and Jurisdiction being in the County of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin.

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