Image Compare App 1.2.0

posted by Daniel Mettler - 5/13/2016
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An elegant, touch capable 2-image compare app. Module 36141


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What is a DNN App?

DNN Apps are a like modules on steroids. They are easy to modify and template, and install per portal (not globally on the entire system). To make this possible, you must first install the 2sxc App engine, instructions here.

Use it as is, or create your own templates/output.

Here is a live demo

App Gallery



  1. For the end user
    1. Touch friendly UI (using JS twenty-twenty)
    2. Super easy to use
  2. For the content-editor
    1. Very easy to fill in for the content 
    2. drag-drop image upload
    3. Add as many as you want
    4. 3 different layouts to choose from
    5. customize various output parameters incl. labels of "before" and "next"
    6. Multi-language capable - both for labels but also for images (allows different images in different languages)
    7. editable in the super-fast viewing mode (not the slow edit-mode)
  3. For the web designer / developer
    1. easy to customize - templates are just html with tokens
    2. extend, enhance as you wish
    3. create new templates in a flash

Installation notes

Requires the newest version of 2sxc (8.3+) to work, install that first


Product License

MIT License