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Image Compare App 1.1.0

posted by Daniel Mettler - 5/11/2016
Daniel Mettler Active Since 2/9/2016

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An elegant, touch capable 2-image compare app. Module 36126


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Use it as is, or create your own templates/output.

Here is a live demo

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  1. For the end user
    1. Touch friendly UI (using JS twenty-twenty)
    2. Super easy to use
  2. For the content-editor
    1. Very easy to fill in for the content 
    2. drag-drop image upload
    3. Add as many as you want
    4. 3 different layouts to choose from
    5. customize various output parameters incl. labels of "before" and "next"
    6. Multi-language capable - both for labels but also for images (allows different images in different languages)
    7. editable in the super-fast viewing mode (not the slow edit-mode)
  3. For the web designer / developer
    1. easy to customize - templates are just html with tokens
    2. extend, enhance as you wish
    3. create new templates in a flash

Installation notes

Requires the newest version of 2sxc (8.3+) to work, install that first


Product License

MIT License