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posted by OnyakTech - 3/21/2015
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Hotcakes Commerce chart files you can load into OnyakTech Charts for ready to go sales analysis. You must have OnyakTech Charts 3.5 or newer to use these charts. Module 34428
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Hotcakes Commerce Charts for OnyakTech Charts 3.5 or Newer

This charts package contains three ready to charts you can upload into OnyakTech Charts 3.5 or newer.  If you don't have OnyakTech Charts you can choose the product option above to include OnyakTech Charts with purchase or click on the OnyakTech Complete DNN Subscriptions at the top to access all OnyakTech DNN apps.

Charts:  Orders Last Month, Orders Placed and Orders This Month

OnyakTech Charts 3.5

Instantly chart your data with the OnyakTech Charts module for DNN. Easily create cross-browser friendly charts by uploading existing chart definitions for instant charts, unlimited series each with their own chart type all displayed in the same chart area, 17 chart types, connect to any data source, dynamically generated via query strings, sessions and more!

OnyakTech Charts Module Features:

Optimized for use with OnyakTech Forms for dynamic charts
NO FLASH! Charts are created as images for cross-browser support
Define Background Color and Chart Positions
Set Min and Max Limits or use Auto Limt Detection
iPortable Supported: Import/Export Charts with DNN
Display the data behind the chart in a Data Grid
Dynamically Generated from Sessions, Query strings and more!
17 Chart Types
No web.config changes required
Support for multiple Data Series as different chart types and tool-tips
Supports unlimited instances on the same page!
Chart Library: Create your own or download from
Connect to any data source
Full Source Code Available - Developed in C#