Fourth Tier Telephone Answering Service

posted by Call Centers 24x7 - 1/11/2006
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You have created a great DNN web site. It puts your business or organization in touch with customers 24/7. Now make live support and customer service available 24/7 as well with the DotNetNuke call center! Other 3658


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Answering service specially-tailored for owners of DotNetNuke web sites!

As a developer, you have created a great web site for your client.  Now that you have raised the bar for your client, why not help them to furnish 24/7 customer service, sales, and / or business process workflow support?  Customers are flocking to their site.  Help them close sales with 24/7 support readily-available, and furnished by skilled DNN-savvy customer service representatives!

  • Our call center has been supporting DNN sites (including our own web site) for over 10 years
  • Our services are provisioned entirely from within our call center in the United States
  • We are very familiar with most of the commonly-used modules, as we use them to support our own internal processes as well as clients' DNN sites

This service doesn't compete with developers or DNN consultants.  The service isn't intended to answer questions about how to host a DNN site, how to install DNN, or how to configure a database, for example.  Rather, we provide end user support on behalf of the site owners themselves.  Therefore if you are a developer, you can benefit from reselling our services or referring us to your clients for a commission.  If you own a DNN site you come out ahead by providing true, top-notch 24/7 customer service. 

This is our fourth-tier plan.  It includes the one-time setup fee of $49.99, your toll-free number, plus 65 included minutes per month.  Outbound calls / dispatch and escalation are included at no additional charge.  The charges are inclusive of your toll-free and all telco charges.  You receive a toll-free number as well as online access to details about each call.


Product License

1. If you exceed the number of minutes alloted in your service plan, you will be billed for the additional minutes in arrears at the end of your billing cycle.

2. Rates for additional minutes vary with the service plan you have selected. Please see our web site or contact us for more details.

3. After you have purchased the package at Snowcovered, further details will be available as a download to facilitate configuring your service. You will also be added to the appropriate role on our web site. The thirty-day billing period will not commence until your service goes live.

4. Full contract details will become available as a download when you purchase the service. Please review the contract before we begin configuring your service. You may receive a full refund up until the time that we have provisioned your phone number and begun to configure service, after which point a partial refund may be available depending on what has been completed.