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Flex News 1.0 ( news, article, links, gallery, slides, portal templates with 30+ templates)

posted by dnnskin.net - 10/28/2014
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Flexible news management module which is template driven, used for a wide range of purposes such as news, article, links, gallery, slides ,FAQs, easy to manage or show the contents, quick dashboard page , the demo website portal templates with sample contents , responsive , work with DNN7.2+ Module 33813


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Flex News Module
F1 Easy to use, we provide the sample news website portal templates, you just need to import the sample website, then replace the contents with your own.
F2Various Usage, the module provide with multiple templates, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, It can be used for blogs, articles, Gallery, press releases, FAQs, online tutorials, product catalogues, knowledge bases and many other purposes.
F3Responsive layout, compatible with desktop, tablets and mobile devices. The module layout and predefined templates are responsive, the module can also work with the major browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and so on.
F4Templates driven, the different module layout and design can be customized by tokens and CSS in the HTML templates, the module already contains multiple pre-defined list templates and detail templates, switch multiple template easily and quickly to display the right effect which you need.
F5Complete permissions, first you can define the global permissions in the module admin page, each news can inherit permissions from the module admin settings or define its own permission, allows you to restrict access based on security roles.
F6Easy to manage news, you can add the news, edit/copy the existed news, publish/approve news or mark the news as featured.
F7Unlimited categories, one new news item can be added in an unlimited number of categories and subcategories, you can add/edit one category or add bulk categories, you can also move category order or hierarchy quickly as the DNN default "Page Managements" functions.
F8Multilingual contents, it is avaiable to localize articles, translate the news to the multiple localized languages.
F9Different list type, display the popular, recent, featured news.
F10Single module settings page, including basic settings, optional column settings, avatar settings and the comments settings
F11Dashboard page, contains the statistics of the news, comments and the maintaince quick links.
F12Comment system, recent comments, news comments and comments.
F13Search function, add the search module, the user can search all the news easily and quickly.
F14Tags system, allow the user to add the multiple tags and show the popular tags which used.
F15Avatar, supports comment's avatar service from Gravatar.com site, also provide the avatar settings.
F16RSS Feeds, Syndicate the different type contents with RSS feed, the feeds are generated for categories, authors and calendars.
F17Rating system, allow the visitors to vote for the favorite news.
F18Attachments, each news can have unlimited attachments with any file type.
F19System requirements, can work with the latest DNN7.2+