File System Explorer 2.0

posted by DNNIT - 5/14/2011
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This module is a new version of File System Explorer 1.0, come with some new features to make it more faster and easy to use. Module 21683
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  • $129.99 Developer Edition


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2015-03-29 Update:
 Auto detecting files in folders function, when upload files to folders, the module would automatically refresh, no need to press Sync button. 

2015-03-27 Update:
UI modified for DNN 7.4.0

New version of File System Explorer released!


  • Directly download files from whole file system in the server where DotNetNuke resides.(e.g. different drivers, USB disks, DVD disks,...etc)
  • Use alias name instead of real physical location.(protect files from malicious users)
  • Use Ajax technology.(Best performance.)
  • Search function.
  • Sort Order changeable.(By Filename,Size,Modified Date)
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  • Q: Is it possible to change the width of this module?

    A: Hi, I have just post a new version to the product page, which change the width to 100%, so no matter what your skin's width is, it would just fit your skin. Thank you,

  • Q: Does this module allow users to upload files? If so, can you provide a screenshot illustrating how it's handled?

    A: Sorry, no. The module can set a root folder only, and sync all child folders under it.

  • Q: Will File System Explorer 2.0 work with DNN 4.9.1 ?

    A: No,please upgrade your DNN to use this module.

  • Q: Is there a default folder per user? Can I download a file even if it's not in IIS folder?

    A: 1.The default folder is the first folder for all users. 2.Yes.

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Azure Compatible


Product Specifications

  • Limitation:
    Not support Network Directories nor Network Mapping Directories.

  • Live Demo:

  • Multi-Language:

  • Programming Language:
    Visual Basic .NET

  • Source Code:
    Included (Only Developer edition)

  • Support:
    DotNetNuke 7.0.0 ~ 7.4.0