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Create your own fancy quizzes with multiple choice, single choice or correct/wrong questions easily. Add images to questions and answers, add explanations and descriptions. Your users are provided with stylish analysis of the questions and their answers and are informed about their scores. Module 33961
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FancyQuiz provides you with the possibility to create flexible multiple choice quizzes.

You can define questions of the following types:
  • Multiple choice: With that question type one or more answers can be considered as correct
  • Single choice: Only one answer is correct
  • Correct or Wrong: The question is a statement where the user needs to judge about whether it is correct or wrong

Rank the priority of your questions assigning different scores to adjust the quiz result in its analysis.

Enrich your questions and answers with images as desired and provide the user with a nice user experience. Add descriptive explanations to questions to be displayed in the results after the quiz and order answers of questions randomly if desired.



This module is ideal to be used to create and present learning, training and practice content but also can be considered for all other purposes where multiple choice question sequences plays a role.



A basic sample quiz you can find on
FancyQuiz experience -

One quiz step with multiple choice question:


multiple choice question

Result summary of quiz appearing after last question:

Detailed analysis of quiz result:
detailed analysis of quiz results


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