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posted by Simon Ovens - 8/28/2014
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This module allows you to pick a YouTube channel to display on your website. You can use a search term to filter videos from a YouTube channel. A responsive design means it will adjust the display to work on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices! Module 33566


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Connect to a YouTube channel to display on your website! *Responsive design*

See it live here: http://hapisolutions.com/DNNModules/EmbeddedVideoPlayerV2.aspx


  • Select any YouTube channel
  • Enter in a search term to filter the videos
  • Select the sort order
  • Enter the amount of results to return. Note: Mobile devices will automatically display one video at a time.
  • Responsive design that will change the display based on the device used to view the site.
Desktop view


Tablet or smaller computer screen view


Mobile view


Image showing the simple edit mode

Version Information
DNN 6+ is required.


Product License

This is module has a single domain end-user license.

This means you can install the module on one DNN site and use it as many times on this site as you like.

If you have another DNN site you are using this on it would require another purchase.

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