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EasyDNNgallery 8.0 (Image gallery, video gallery and audio gallery)

posted by EasyDNNsolutions.com - 12/14/2016
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A professional DNN image, video & audio gallery. Easy to use, yet rich in options. Over 20 types of various types of galleries, with hundreds of possible combinations. Excels as a web gallery while doing a great job as a community gallery as well. Module 36774
  • $69.95 Standard license (1 DNN portal, 90 days of free upgrades)
  • $119.95 Professional license (20 portals within 1 DNN installation, 90 days of free upgrades)
  • $199.95 Enterprise license (unlimited DNN installations and portals, 365 days of free upgrades)
  • $39.95 Renewal for Standard license (includes 365 days of free upgrades)
  • $69.95 Renewal for Professional license (includes 365 days of free upgrades)
  • $129.95 Renewal for Enterprise license (includes 365 days of free upgrades)
    All licenses are perpetual. A renewal can only be applied if you own the Standard, Professional or Enterprise licenses that are not older than 2 years. Find more about licensing at the bottom of this page.


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About EasyDNNgallery module

EasyDNNgallery is an advanced solution for managing and displaying multimedia - images, video and audio files on DNN web sites. The presentation part of the module brings a large number of attractive displays that will fit perfectly into all sorts of web pages. The managing part of the module allows users to add and manage galleries in a simple manner, so even users without previous technical knowledge can use it to maintain their galleries easily.

The module excels at two roles. Its first role is that of a web gallery on presentation web pages maintained by the web master or site owner. The second role refers to community oriented sites, where users can upload their images, comment, rate, share to social networks...

EasyDNNgallery is a product that is constantly being developed for years, and it is used on thousands of web sites around the world. Many options have been implemented in response to needs and suggestions from our users, so altogether the module brings the best solutions in multimedia management and display. EasyDNNgallery - all the more reason for DNN!


What is new? (version history)

Version 8.0.

  • DNN 9 compatible
  • DNN EasyDNNnews 8 compatible

Version 7.7.

  • improved the user upload in Gravity gallery
  • improved posting to Journal
  • fixed localization
  • compatible with DNN 8.0.4 and Evoq 8.5
  • other fixes and small improvements

Version 7.6.

  • added Nova theme - the new theme for Gravity gallery (compatible with Nova DNN site theme) - Demo
  • other bugfixes and small improvements

Version 7.5.

  • the new version of Chameleon gallery with better performances of loading images
  • improved comments in the Gravity Gallery
    • added interface for the possibility of editing and moderating comments
    • added possibility for approving comments before publishing
    • added notifications for approve, new comments...
    • added Google recaptcha for preventing SPAM comments

Version 7.4.

  • DNN8 compatible
  • the new SocialMediaBox Plus added - the new Lightbox-like viewer of images, videos and audios. Optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Check out the infographic for more information about SocialMediaBox.
  • supported uploading, encoding and hosting of videos directly into Vimeo pro account

Version 7.3.

  • new SocialMediaBox mobile - a completely new mobile version of Lightbox with the possibility of commenting, liking and social sharing
  • improved option for reporting images
  • other improvements and fixes

Version 7.0. - Click for infographic

One of the most popular DNN modules in the new version 7 brings significant changes to the user interface and new functionalities.

  • What is new in version 7? - Click for infographic
    • New modern gallery management interface. Simpler upload of images, video and audio files.
    • New modern interface for adjusting displays and settings
    • Novelties in Gravity gallery display
    • In-place-editing - adding and editing content directly in gallery display
    • User upload
    • The possibility of approving of added items
    • Approval notifications
    • The possibility of setting the upload size limit
    • The possibility of resizing of images during upload
    • The possibility of reporting inappropriate content
    • Support for the new YouTube API for the RSS import
    • Added the new floating menu for an easier access to content and settings
    • Lots of minor fixes and improvements, updated scripts and video players etc.
  • Social gallery features
    • Gravity gallery can be used as a community gallery. Turning the option Community mode on, Gravity gallery becomes a social gallery where users can add their images, video and audio files, comment, rate, like and lots of other possibilities
    • Added in-place editing interface for adding and editing galleries, uploading images, videos and audios in users’ galleries
    • Choosing between the standard or in-place editing interface
    • Enhanced and simplified settings and the whole user interface

Version 6.6.

  • Support for Wistia video service (direct upload videos from the module)
  • Small bug fixes
  • Compatible with DNN 7.4. and Evoq 8

Version 6.4.5

  • fixed loading of scripts in SSL pages
  • fixed the send email option in the Gravity gallery display
  • added the Ventrian Simple gallery import tool
  • fully compatible with DNN 7.3.3.

Version 6.4

Version 6.3

  • added SocialMediaBox Lite (a mobile friendly Lightbox) in the Chameleon gallery and Lightbox gallery
  • added the possibility to export and import galleries with the possibility to select a category that will be exported or imported
  • improved the possibility of moving galleries between categories
  • along with the Gravity gallery now the Chameleon and Lightbox gallery support the permissions for galleries and categories

Version 6.2

  • added the new "SocialMediaBox Lite" in the Gravity gallery - Demo
    • possibility to display items in a simple type of the Lightbox
    • mobile friendly version
  • added a mobile friendly version of the standard SocialMediaBox
  • improved the responsive mode of the Chameleon Gallery
  • added the possibility of disabling the All button in the Portfolio Pro view
  • added the possibility of setting the image quality

System requirements

EasyDNNgallery supports DotNetNuke (DNN) 6.2+, 7.x, 8.x, 9.0+

  • DNN 6.2+
  • DNN 7.0+
  • DNN 8.0+
  • DNN 9.0+
  • MS SQL database
    • MS SQL 2005
    • MS SQL 2008
    • MS SQL 2012
    • MS SQL Azure database

Advanced features

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud ready
  • DNN 8 ready
  • Cross portal sharing
  • Multilingual content
  • Integration with DNN 6.2+ Social features (Journal, Social groups...)
  • Google maps integration
  • Responsive

Main features

  • A wide range of different displays

    19 different types of galleries that cover all your needs.

  • A wide range of configuration options

    Lots of options for an unlimited number of possible combinations.

  • Social sharing buttons

    Allow your images and galleries to be shared on popular social networks.

  • Support for images, video and audio

    Add images, video and audio files to your galleries.

  • Hosted videos

    Display video files directly from your server.

  • Embedded videos

    Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video services.

  • Simple upload from YouTube and Vimeo

    Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your gallery by simply adding a link.

  • An unlimited number of items

    The number of items you can add to galleries is not limited.

  • An unlimited number of instances

    The number of galleries on your web pages is unlimited.

  • Nested galleries

    Enable simple navigation through multiple levels of galleries.

  • Upload once, use many times

    One gallery can be displayed at multiple locations across the web site.

  • Various themes

    Select the theme best suited for your web site.

  • Responsive galleries

    A selection of responsive galleries that adjust to mobile devices' screens.

  • SocialMediaBox

    An advanced Lightbox-like social media viewer with options to comment, share etc.

  • DNN Journal integration

    Community mode with support for user galleries and social groups' galleries.

  • DNN Wall photos

    A single gallery with all images you have published on your wall.

  • Demo pages settings

    Load settings of all our demo pages samples.

  • Presets

    Predefined settings allow for a fast configuration of galleries.

  • Multifile upload

    Select and upload multiple files at once.

  • Different upload methods

    An upload of single or multiple files from the computer, an upload of ZIP archives with images or an upload from a server folder.

  • User upload & management

    Enable your users to upload images.

  • Auto resize

    Images are automatically resized to a set value.

  • Video in Lightbox

    Display video in Lightbox.

  • Random order

    Random display of items from galleries.


  • Download images

    Enable images to be downloaded.

  • Print images

    Enable images to be printed out.

  • Tooltips

    Display image descriptions in tooltips.

  • Auto thumbnail creation

    Automatic creation of thumbnails in accordance with gallery settings.

  • DNN search integration

    Items are searchable in DNN search.

  • Integration with EasyDNNnews module

    Enables additional displays and advanced gallery management in EasyDNNnews module.

  • Integration with EasyDNNrotator module

    Display the latest or most popular galleries in EasyDNNrotator module.

  • Content Localization

    All textual content (titles, descriptions) can be localized into different languages.

  • Interface Localization

    All parts of the interface can be translated into different languages.

  • Microsoft Azure ready

    Compatibility with Microsoft Azure SQL.

  • Media Manager

    A simple manager for adding and managing items in galleries.

  • iPortable for settings

    Save the module's settings and load them in another instance.

  • RSS import

    Import YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker, Picassa RSS and other RSS media feeds into your gallery.

  • Permissions

    Use permissions to set who can add items into certain categories and galleries.

  • *Some features are not available in all gallery types.

Gravity gallery

Gravity galleryGravity gallery is a next generation gallery. It can be used either as a presentation web gallery or as a community (social) gallery. It is fully responsive and adjusted for displaying on mobile devices' screens. Content can be organized up to four levels. It brings infinite scroll paging and the popular masonry layout. It is integrated with SocialMediaBox. A large number of configuration options lets you adjust the gallery according to your needs. It's up to you to use options such as social sharing buttons, comments, rating, or let the users upload their own items. Engage your users or visitors through this modern gallery.

  • Up to four levels of navigation

    Galleries are organized up to four levels (categories, galleries, items, details).

  • Template-driven layout and design

    Template-driven layout and design allows for enhanced possibility of customization.

  • Presets

    Select between multiple predefined gallery settings.

  • Different themes

    Select between different themes.

  • Fully Reponsive

    A fully responsive layout adjusts to each individual device and screen size.

  • Classical paging & Infinite scroll

    An option to choose between classic paging or Infinite scroll paging.

  • Masonry layout

    Display items in the popular masonry layout style.

  • Comments

    Enable users to comment on published items.

  • Rating

    Enable users to rate images.

  • Like items

    Enable users to like items.

  • Social sharing buttons

    Enable sharing items across popular social networks.

  • RSS feed

    Share your galleries and images via RSS feed.

  • Exif

    Display Exif data of photos.

  • Geolocation

    Display the photo's geolocation.

  • Info data display options

    Set which info data will be displayed for each level. (Number of views, title, description, number of comments...)

  • Various sizes of thumbnails

    An option to set various sizes of thumbnails at different levels of a gallery (categories, galleries, items).

  • Images, video and audio files

    An option to display images, video and audio files.

  • Draft galleries

    Before a gallery is ready to be published, it can be saved as a draft.

  • Scheduled publishing

    Set publish and expire date to display galleries at a desired time.

  • Enable download

    Enable download of images for all users, or only those in certain roles.

  • .

Chameleon gallery

Chameleon galleryChameleon galleryChameleon gallery is a responsive gallery in slideshow style, with support for images, videos and audio files. Lots of configuration options enable you to fine tune your gallery according to your wishes. There are nested galleries, social sharing buttons, opening items in Lightbox, full screen mode and much more. It is compatible with mobile and touch screen devices. It comes equipped with several eye-catching themes. For simple configuration, there are several presets we have prepared for you.

  • Fully responsive

    A fully responsive layout adjusts to any device and screen size.

  • Mobile devices ready (touch and swipe enabled)

    Support for touch input devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Different gallery layouts

    Select desired positions of categories, thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

  • Different themes

    Select between different themes.

  • Social sharing buttons

    Enable sharing items to popular social networks

  • Images, audio & videos

    Supports images, video and audio files.

  • Embeded videos

    Show video from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as other video services.

  • Smart slideshow autoplay

    Autoplay option doesn't slide items until the currently playing video ends.

  • Ligthbox ili SocialMediaBox

    Choose between opening items in the classic Lightbox or an advanced SocialMediaBox.

  • Nested galleries

    Enable simple navigation through multiple levels of galleries.

  • Download function

    Allow your visitors to download items.

  • Full screen

    User can view a gallery in the full screen mode.

  • E-mail to friend

    Allow your visitors to send their friends a link to an item.

  • Tooltips

    An option to display the description of an item in tooltips.

Portfolio Pro gallery

Portfolio ProPortfolio Pro is a gallery display intended to display portfolios, team members and similar categorized content. It provides support for nested galleries, it has an in-built Lightbox and full screen description.


  • Fully responsive

    A fully responsive layout adjusts to any device and screen size.

  • Nested galleries

    Enable simple navigation through multiple levels of galleries.

  • Caption animation

    Select between several types of caption animation.

  • Predefined layouts

    Select between several predefined layouts.

  • Thumbnail size

    Set the desired thumbnail size.

  • Number of items per page

    Set the number of items per page.

  • Sorting options

    Select the criteria for sorting the items.

  • Images & Embed videos

    Displays images and embedded videos (YouTube and Vimeo).



SocialMediaBox is an advanced Lightbox-like media viewer which brings to DNN the best practices of displaying and sharing images (and other supported multimedia files) in the way you have become familiar with through social networks. Strongly integrated with social features of DNN (6.2 and later), SocialMediaBox enhances the experience of displaying and sharing images to an entirely new level. It will make your social sites more fun to visit, more attractive and more professional, placing users more tightly into social interaction. SocialMediaBox has been developed from scratch by the EasyDNNsolutions team. SocialMediaBox is available in Gravity gallery, Chameleon gallery and Lightbox gallery.

Depending on selected settings, SocialMediaBox makes possible:

  • display of information on the user sharing the images (user's name and avatar)
  • display of image's title and description
  • display of social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • display of Download button
  • display of Send link button
  • display of gallery images thumbnails
  • option to comment items
  • option to rate items
  • option to Like items

Community (social) galleries with EasyDNNgallery

EasyDNNgallery can be added within the DNN Activity Feed in order to allow users to create and manage their own galleries and social group galleries. It can publish information to Journal on newly added items. Images directly published to Journal via Journal's interface can be loaded into the user's Journal Post gallery (similar to Facebook wall gallery).

Lightbox gallery

Lightbox portfolio

Image Slider One

Slideshow with thumbnails

Slideshow with thumbnails 2

Slideshow with thumbnails 3

Advanced Slide Show

Video Gallery

Video gallery 2 with images and thumbnails

Video gallery 3 with carousel and images

Vertical Carousel

Image Carousel

Audio Gallery

Audio Gallery 2 with thumbnails

your edition
standard professional enterprise
$69.95 $119.95 $199.95
Install licence 1 DNN portal 20 portals within 1 DNN installation Unlimited installations and portals
(free updates and new versions)
90 days 90 days 365 days
Source No No No
Not permitted
Not permitted Not permitted
Support Unlimited Email support
Unlimited Email support Unlimited Email support

The module can be also purchased as a part of
EDS Theme and Module Collection.


Standard license

Module usage:
The standard license allows the activation and use on 1 DNN portal.

Upgrading a module to new versions:
Buying a standard license entitles you to all new versions we publish within 90 days after purchase. After 90 days, you can buy an upgrade for the standard version. Upgrades can be purchased at any time for up to two years after buying a module. Upgrades cost less than the full price of the module.

Professional license

Module usage:
The professional license allows the activation and use on 20 portals within 1 DNN installation.

Upgrading a module to new versions:
Buying the professional license entitles you to all new versions we publish within 90 days after purchase. After 90 days, you can buy an upgrade for the professional version. Upgrades can be purchased at any time for up to two years after buying a module. Upgrades cost less than the full price of the module.

Enterprise license

About license:
The enterprise license is a perpetual license what means that you can use the installed and activated modules indefinitely without paying any additional fee. During the subscription period of 1 year you can access the latest versions of the software. When the subscription period ends, you are no longer able to download new product versions or activate the module.

Module usage:
The enterprise license allows the activation and use on an unlimited number of DNN portals and installations owned by you or your clients you develop web pages for.
Web design & development companies are entitled to use the enterprise license in order to install and activate the module at their clients' web pages.
Modules cannot be resold or redistributed to other organizations, companies or individuals. Hosting companies aren't entitled to offer pre-installed modules in their packages.

Upgrading modules to new versions:
Buying the enterprise license entitles you to freely upgrade the software to each new version we publish within 365 days upon purchase. After 365 days, you can buy an upgrade for the enterprise license. The upgrade can be purchased at any time for up to two years after buying a module. The price of the upgrade is lower than the full price of a module.

An upgrade for the standard license with a yearly subscription

Your rights:
Buying an upgrade for a standard license entitles you to upgrade one module which has been activated and is used under standard license. Also, you are entitled to all the new versions we publish within a year after your buying an upgrade, with the same license rights.
An upgrade bought in this manner can be used to upgrade a module that has been bought in the previous two years. For modules having been bought in the period of time longer than two years, contact us at [email protected]

An upgrade for the professional license with a yearly subscription

Your rights:
Buying an upgrade for a professional license entitles you to upgrade one module which has been activated and is used under professional license. Also, you are entitled to all the new versions we publish within a year after your buying an upgrade, with the same license rights.
An upgrade bought in this manner can be used to upgrade a module that has been bought in the previous two years. For modules having been bought in the period of time longer than two years, contact us at [email protected]

An upgrade for the enterprise license with a yearly subscription

Your rights:
Buying an upgrade for an Enterprise license entitles you to upgrade all modules which have been activated and are used under Enterprise license. You are also entitled to unlimited installations and activations of the module on new portals and new DNN instances. Also, you are entitled to all the new versions we publish within a year after your buying an upgrade.
An upgrade bought in this manner can be used to upgrade a module that has been bought in the previous two years. For modules having been bought in the period of time longer than two years, contact us at [email protected]

An important note:
The buyer is personally responsible for purchasing an upgrade for the version of that module he or she owns. An upgrade can be obtained for any license, but you won't be able to use it for the license you do not own. After upgrading a module, it needs to be reactivated. If you are not sure which version to purchase, contact us before the actual purchase.
If you own more than one standard or professional license, you need to buy an upgrade for each of them. Please do not upgrade multiple standard or professional modules after buying an upgrade for 1 standard or professional license. In this case you will be able to install a module, but its activation will not be allowed. Moreover, do not buy an upgrade if you do not own the module you wish to upgrade it to.

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EasyDNNnews is a very powerful DotNetNuke module that enables non-technical users to publish and manage articles, news, press releases, stories and editorials. In addition to publishing text content, adding pictures to articles is easier than ever. In combination with the EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator modules, the EasyDNNnews becomes the ultimate publishing platform that easily manages your articles, images, video and audio content. EasyDNNnews can be used for blogs, news websites, product catalogs, or you can run a complex newspaper website.

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