Easy Slideshow 01.00.02 - banner, slide show, slider, Azure

posted by Kevin - 8/3/2015
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Easy Slideshow is a simple slideshow module and its very easy to operate. You only need to fill Title, Description and Image, then do some simple configuration. After that, you will get the effect at once. Module 34965
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Easy Slideshow is a simple slideshow module and it's very easy to operate. You only need to fill Title, Description and Image, then do some simple configuration. After that, you will get the effect at once.

Technical Specifications
Module Backend: C#
Data Base: Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and above. SQL Azure database
DNN Version: Compatible with 4.5.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
.NET Framework: 2.0+
Azure Compatible: Yes
Work Flow
Add Module To Page: When you add this module on a page for the first time, you will see following info. Please click "Manage Image" button, then you will enter "Manage Image" page. screenshot
Manage Image: You can add, edit or delete image info on this page. You need to upload an image or fill one remote image address. You also need to fill title, description, index and links of image and configure images to be opened in new window or not. screenshot
Global Settings: You can configure image width and image height, thumbnail width and height, description width and height, navigator width and height, interval time, duration time, max item display, style type here. In addition, you can also change style sheet of each style. screenshot
View Page: You will see following effect after you finished editing and configuration. screenshot
All Features
01.00.02 Update on 08/03/2015
  • Made the module be compatible with Azure websites.
  • 01.00.01 Update on 03/12/2015
  • Compatible with DNN7.
  • 01.00.00 Update on 05/28/2012
  • Supported adjusting Image Width, Image Height, Thumbnail Width, Thumbnail Height, Description Width, Description Height, Navigator Width, Navigator Height.
  • Supported configuring Duration and Interval of animation.
  • Supported configuring maximum items which will display in Navigator Bar.
  • Supported configuring animation types, it includes fade and slide types.
  • Supported five different kinds of style and it allows adjusting style sheet of each style on Global Settings.
  • Support create multiple modules on one page.
  • Auto-playing (optional feature, can start playing or stopped).
  • Easy to customize navigation tabs dynamically (such as images of sliders, number of sliders) and items auto slide.
  • Use arrows to next or prevous slider
  • Support the wheelup and wheeldown to previous|next item in the list.
  • Support preload images before play a slideshow.
  • License Instruction
    One standard edition license can only be used in one portal. Before you purchase it, please download trial version and play with it in order to know if it can meet your need. After you purchase this module, we won't give refund if there isn't any bug which we can't resolve. If you have any question or suggestion as well as requesting technical support, you can send email to kevin_dnn[email protected] We look forward to your emails.