DotNetNuke MVP - Gifford Watkins, B.Sc., M.A.

posted by Atlantic Webfitters - 7/30/2012
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Gifford Watkins has been speaking at DotNetNuke conferences for 4+ years. Now he's available for your corporate retreat or boardroom needs. Save tens of thousands of dollars in development costs by gaining insight into the DNN Open Source software opportunity. Other 26536


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DotNetNuke MVP - Nominated and awarded in 2013.

Founder and CEO

Atlantic Webfitters

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

March 2005 – Present (7 years 11 months) Halifax, Canada Area

Atlantic Web Fitters is a relationship firm with IT solutions. Founded in Nova Scotia this emerging approach allows organizations to establish Internet websites, corporate Intranets, information portals and storefront delivery systems.

Founder DNN user group Nova Scotia

DotNetNuke Corporation

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Software industry

January 2007 – Present (6 years 1 month) Halifax, Canada Area

Early local DotNetNuke adopters get together to discuss leveraging the web application framework.

    • Speaker and Moderator

      Day of DotNetNuke Charlotte
      • Science and Technology
      June 2012 – present (8 months)

      Session topic: "So You Want to be a DotNetNuke Evangelist"
      Moderated the Day of DotNetNuke Ignite Session
      Ignite Session topic: "The Birth of a DotNetNuke Business Model"
      - First Day of DotNetNuke held in North Carolina.
      - First Ignite Session(s) for a Day of DotNetNuke.

    • Speaker

      DotNetNuke World Conference
      • Science and Technology
      November 2011 – present (1 year 3 months)

      Session Topic: "Take This Job and Shove It: How to Start a DotNetNuke Firm"
      - First DotNetNuke World Conference

    • Speaker

      SDN Amsterdam
      • Science and Technology
      April 2012 – present (10 months)

      Session topics: "DotNetNuke Skinning 101" & "Advanced Skinning for DotNetNuke"

    • Speaker

      Podcamp Halifax
      • Science and Technology
      January 2012 – present (1 year 1 month)

      Session Topic: "How to Start a DotNetNuke Firm"

    • Speaker/Chairman/Co-treasurer

      Day of DotNetNuke Nova Scotia
      • Science and Technology
      June 2011 – present (1 year 8 months)

      Session Topic: "How to Start a DotNetNuke Firm"
      - Chaired the Organizing Committee
      - Secured and managed sponsors/finances
      - The Nova Scotia Day of DotNetNuke® was the first Canadian event of it's kind, was free for all to learn about DNN and raised money for Phoenix House (a local organization that helps kids).

    • Speaker

      Day of DotNetNuke Orlando
      • Science and Technology
      March 2011 – present (1 year 11 months)

      Session Topic: "Take This Job and Shove It: How to Start a DotNetNuke Firm"
      - First Day of DotNetNuke in Orlando (Co-hosted with Orlando Code Camp)

    • Speaker

      Day of DotNetNuke Tampa
      • Education
      June 2009 – present (3 years 8 months)

      Session topic: "DataSprings Dynamic Registration vs DotNetNuke Core Registration"
      - First Day of DotNetNuke ever
      - First Day of DotNetNuke in Florida

      Testimonials and Recommendations

Kevin Maney
Writer, Collaborator at VSA Partners

Gifford is one of the most unusual people I've met in technology -- in a good way. Here is a guy who grew up a Nova Scotia lobsterman (he's shared lobster recipes with me) and was educated as a minister...and without shedding either of those identities built a serious tech company about as far geographically from Silicon Valley as you can get. He's won the attention of...more

June 10, 2011, Kevin was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters
Jessan Otis
Jessan Dunn Otis | Independent Writer

Gifford Watkins is an outstanding human being and professional, DotNetNuke (DNN) webportal developer. Throughout our long relationship, he's shown humor, intelligence and a profound respect and responsiveness to me as a client. A consummate collaborator, I couldn't find a more trustworthy partner. 

I'm delighted I didn't delete his first e-mail to me. I would have...more

April 22, 2011, Jessan was Gifford's client

Tapiwa Manjengwa
Financial Services Business Development

I take great pleasure in recommending Gifford Watkins and Atlantic Webfitters. I came across the company through Google and after speaking to him was immediately convinced they were the best partners to help build a client portal. Gifford is a pleasure to work with; his patience and willingness to help bring my vision for a portal to life are greatly appreciated. DNN is...more

January 7, 2010, Tapiwa was Gifford's client

Deborah A Frenette
Owner, 1

Gifford hosts my web portal. For the last two years, I have been pleased with his work. Anytime I have a question he is available and helpful. I would recommend Gifford as a reliable business associate!

November 20, 2009, Deborah A was Gifford's client

Mike Frenette
Principal, Risk and Delivery Management, Sierra Systems

Gifford's Atlantic Webfitters' clients save many thousands of dollars by avoiding the purchase, maintenance, continual replacement and operational support of servers. And they gain access to top of the line software such as SQL database technology, intranet modules for office productivity and content management software, all for a small monthly fee. 


November 20, 2009, Mike was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Carmine Porco
Associate Partner, IBM Interactive Canada at IBM

Gifford called me over 5 years ago to talk about web consulting. He was very inquisitive and was eager to learn everything he could. He started playing around with some technology, did his research and found the perfect technology for his needs, DotNetNuke. Since starting his company, we have kept in touch and worked on many projects together. You will not find a more...more

November 20, 2009, Carmine was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Catherine Elder
Communications, digital solutions and usability expert, social business and client management.

Gifford is a great guy! He has developed easy to use software and he explains technology in clear and easy to understand terms. He is quick to respond to questions, facilitates learning and is very accommodating with his time and vast knowledge. 

I always enjoy working with Gifford and Atlantic Webfitters!

November 19, 2009, Catherine was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Brian Scarbeau
Founder of Orlando DotNetNuke User Group-Technology Trainer

Gifford is a tireless supporter of DotNetNuke in Canada. He has many clients that are extremely happy with their sites created with DotNetNuke. 
Gifford has worked hard evangelizing DotNetNuke in his area and started a user group to support others who use the product. 
Gifford gave up his time to come to Tampa in June of 2009 to speak at the Day of DNN. 
He is a...more

November 19, 2009, Brian was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Kamran Haider
Owner at

Gifford is an experienced Web Manager, we were easy to work with him since his communication in terms of what he required for his clients was clear and detail-oriented. This helped the project to meet its strategic objective.

March 9, 2009, Kamran was a consultant or contractor to Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Mark Spindloe (1000+)
Buyer's Representative and Relocation Specialist, originally Southampton.

Gifford intruduced us the concept of web portals. His work on has enabled us to manage our content in ways previously not possible. He is always there for us when we are stuck.

December 8, 2008, Mark was Gifford's client

Anthony MacNeil
REALTOR/ Co Owner Stages Real Estate

I have had the greatest opprtunity to run into and work on a business web portal development with Atlantic WebFitters and particularly Gifford. I had been searching for three years on web site design but kept running into the typical developers that did not allow me the ability to own or change content without uncontrollable costs...until I hired Atlantic Webfitters. 

October 22, 2008, Anthony worked directly with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Robert Brewster
Independent Broadcast Media Professional

Working with Gifford is always a pleasant experience, because he knows exactly what he wants and can express that verbally. For a person like myself who specializes in corporate voiceovers and writing, working with Gifford makes my job a whole lot easier. 
Bob Brewster

August 7, 2008, Robert reported to Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Jeff Murphy
Partner at Ironbridge Equity Partners

Gifford did a fantastic job in getting our portal up and running in a professional and timely manner. 

His creative input and insights were incredibly useful to us.

March 4, 2008, Jeff was Gifford's client

Jessan Otis
Jessan Dunn Otis | Independent Writer

Giff is an outstanding person and professional. Throughout our relationship, he's shown humor and intelligence. A consummate collaborator, you couldn't find a more trustworthy partner. 

I'm delighted I didn't delete his first email to me. I would have missed much more than just his wit and wisdom. Thanks Giff ~

October 19, 2006, Jessan was with another company when working with Gifford at Atlantic Webfitters

Shawn Duggan
Content Management Systems and Web Applications Architect

Gifford's love of DNN is only matched by the enthusiasm he brings to his role as the leader of the DNN UG for NS. He is always available to help others or discuss DNN with anyone who has a question or wants to learn more. He is a great community builder and ambassador for DotNetNuke. 

He also should be commended for the excellent Day of DNN conference he helped bring to...more

July 16, 2012, Shawn was with another company when working with Gifford at DotNetNuke Corporation

Lori Cox
Event Committee - Networking Event at Atlantic Canadian Marketing Now Conference March 5, 2013

Gifford is a great web portal developer, helping us to deliver value to our clients with custom solutions focused on DotNetNuke. It has been a pleasure to bring Gifford onboard for specific DotNetNuke solutions, as his willingness to help is always 100% +

April 10, 2012, Lori was Gifford's client

David Avant
Director of C.A.R.T. at Crest Capital

One long night in a mutual friend's basement, I met Gifford. He had this software that would revolutionize the way we look at the web. I told him flat out that I don't do web. I hate programming, and I stick to IT. He showed me that with my gift for figuring stuff out, I can use DNN like a pro. I'm now in the 5th month of relying solely on myself for income. DNN portals...more

March 23, 2012, David worked with Gifford at DotNetNuke Corporation

Shirley Stone
Marketing Consultant at Cumulus Broadcasting

Working with Giff has been both professionally and personally rewarding. When we first started working together I had very little knowledge about web sites versus portals, inputing content, etc. He was so patient with me and spent an enormous amount of time making sure I was comfortable with the process. He also is incredibly responsive to my needs. When I reach out to him...more

November 19, 2009, Shirley was Gifford's client

Jim Davis
President at Doucet-Watts & Davis Interiors Inc.

As founder of the DotNetNuke User Support Group in Halifax Gifford Watkins is furthering what I would describe as the single most democratic movement in the business world since the advent of the computer! Understanding how to manipulate today's advances in technology and delivering a superior product at a fraction of the cost is what Gifford is doing. It is a new day in...more

March 23, 2009, Jim was Gifford's client

Nick Phillips
Passionate about bringing the church into the 21st century

Gifford's passion for helping your business exceed, and his genuine interest in you and your business is second to none. 

I've witnessed it first hand while working with him on various projects, and would not hesitate to work with him again.

February 26, 2009, Nick worked directly with Gifford at DotNetNuke Corporation

Richard Burr
Technical Writer at Torchmate

Gifford is a clear-thinking, deep-planning, involved individual with whom you will be able to easily communicate. His Dot Net Nuke-based hosting solution is simple and powerful. Look at the results !!

February 23, 2009, Richard was with another company when working with Gifford at DotNetNuke Corporation

Peter Hickey
President at Oris4

Gifford is truly passionate about DotNetNuke. He has supported and promoted the product for years. Few people have the work ethic and dedication to helping clients take control of their information like Gifford. I will continue to work with Gifford and am confident his capabilities will continue to add value to my company. 

Peter Hickey

February 22, 2009, Peter was Gifford's client

Greg Brown
Business Developer

Gifford has had the foresight and strict committment to the DotNetNuke World and has created a vibrant company that is not only a service but also a forum for small to medium sized businesses giving them care and control of their own web presence. This is clearly evident in the breadth of Gifford portfolio of clients. For those who get what is offered, it is usually a monetary and time savings and a true open environment giving the ability to shape and use graphics and design possibilities once reserved for the webmaster only.less

February 22, 2009, Greg worked with Gifford at DotNetNuke Corporation

Mike Frenette
Principal, Risk and Delivery Management, Sierra Systems

Gifford knows DNN functionality like the back of his hand. If you are looking for DNN expertise, hosting and the migration and customization services that go along with it, Gifford's company, Atlantic Web Fitters, is a great place to go. 

Just let Giff find out about your business, and help you understand where DNN functionality can help you, and you're good to go!

February 22, 2009, Mike was Gifford's client