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posted by ProbityCode - 4/17/2012
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Display only desired directory files containing specific keywords in their names using simple filters, files extensions, or Regular Expressions. Module 25301
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This is my contribution to the community - sorry no support

Display only desired directory files containing specific keywords in their names.

  • Filter file names by simple keywords, eg. Policy, Guideline, Manual
  • Alternatively, filter file names using Regular Expressions
  • Especially useful in managing huge lists of files that result from running Compliance Management software such as Paradigm
  • Physical file locations and names are encrypted
  • Files are first read from the hard disk and then sent to the browser
  • Easily styled to fit your skin or general look and feel
  • Highly customizable directory views

The biggest advantage of using Document Hyper View is its ability to show a limited (filtered) portion of a single directory containing many files.


In its simplest form, Document Hyper View will display all the files in the selected directory. 
To limit the files displayed, the following filters may be configured:

  • Exlcude files by extension.
    • For example, if you have a mixture of MS Word Documents and Adobe PDFs and you don't want to see any MS Word documents, type .doc in this field. You may provide multiple extensions separated by commas e.g. .doc, .xls
  • Include files by simple keyword(s)
    • Type keyword(s) you would like to search for into the Search Pattern box e.g. Policy -, Guideline -
  • Include files by Regular Expression
    • Check the Regular Expression checkbox
    • Type a valid Regular Expression into the Search Pattern box e.g.  \bFi|(?i)po(?-i).*



Customized styling is possible using built-in and custom CSS Classes.  Alternating Row styling is also supported.



The following customization options are supported



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Great and simple solution. Masks the physical location of lists of linked documents on my site. Through encryption of the document links, my users can... Show More
Posted 10/22/2012

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  • System Requirements:
    .Net Framework 4.x
    DNN 6.x.x