DNNSmart Effect Collection 3.9.1 - Gallery, Slide Show, Banner, Bulk Upload, 30 effect in 1

posted by DNNSmart.net - 9/27/2013
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This is an integration of all image effect, including Banner, Slider Show, Rotate, Cycle, gallery and so on. It integrates 30 effects now. Module 31951
  • $59.99 Standard (A portal license)
  • $179.99 Professional (Multiple portals installation within a DNN instance)
  • $299.99 Enterprise (Unlimited)


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This is an integration of all image effect, including Banner, Slider Show, Rotate, Cycle, gallery and so on. It integrates 30 effects now.

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All Effects
Flow page effect in effect collection module.
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Cycle Slider effect in effect collection module.
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Pretty Gallery effect in effect collection module.
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Gorgeous Banner effect in effect collection module.
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This is a simple and useful module. It can be used to showcase your sponsors, clients or portfolio projects. By using this module, you can build a sponsor wall for your site and bring interactivity to your site's pages.
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This simple module provide to create an multidirectional image scroller with mouse events
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GalleryView is a flexible, attractive content gallery that is easy to use.
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Popeye is an advanced image gallery script built on the JavaScript library jQuery. Use it to save space when displaying a collection of images and offer your users a nice and elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow.
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Web masters constantly search for ways to optimize the way content is presented on their sites. With the advent of terms like "above the fold" it is ever so important to provide eye-catching and functional user interfaces. In this tutorial we are going to make a slick content slider module.
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Nivo Slider is the world's most awesome jquery slider module. By using this module, you can get very cool and amazing effect like flash.
View Demo
This module allows you to easily transform any unordered list into a horizontal menu.
View Demo
This module uses jQuery Accordion UI, it consists of pairs of headers and content panels. When you click header, content panel will expand or collapse.
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This module uses jQuery Tabs UI, tabs are generally used to break content into multiple sections that can be swapped to save space.
View Demo
A 3D carousel module in Javascript, it's a cool and amazing module. It contains many options, you can control Radius,Position,Scale and so on parameters freely and flexibly.
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We are making a simple banner rotator module, with which you can create and randomly display banners on your site. Each of the banners features a neat jQuery animation effect.
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jCarousel is a module that turns some image into a carousel. It can scroll one or multiple items simultaneously, infinite and circular, automatically or by user interaction.
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This is a very simple module, but it has appealing look and feel. Thumbnails will display in the right column. Whenever you click one thumbnail, the bigger image will display on the left. In addition, those thumnbnails on the right can scroll. How fantastic!
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This is just a simple but amazing menu module for your website. If you need fantasitic and cool menu, this module is good choice to you. By using this module, you can have text and images for drop down menus. It has effects such as slide, fade. This module can not only load HTMl module, but also third-party modules. It's so flexible to use.
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Wow! This is one amazing puffing smoke effect module. With this module, your sponser logo,company logo and some interesting images can come out from the chimney. It can make your websites look cool,interesting, attractive and eye-catching.
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This is a relatively easy module, but it's awesome enough. When you have many images, it will look pretty nice on polaroid. You can drag these images around, it's so convenient to view.
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This is an amazing and unique module with stunning sliding door effect. It's simple, but useful for advertisement,sponsers, promotion and so on. You can display your logos in those boxes. After you mouseover those boxes, it will have sliding door effect and display description there. It's so interesting and fantastic, all of you will love it.
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Do you worry about limited space when you want to add images as an addition to the content in your sites? We're glad to tell you that we develop this Micro Gallery to integrate a minature image gallery which won't occupy a lot of space.
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hSlides is an horizontal accordion navigation, sliding the panels around to reveal one of interest. You can use this hSlides module as a banner and display content in it just like tabs effect. It will help you save more space. Moreover, it will make your site look cool and stand out as it has pretty interface.
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Impressive animation effect can be achieved by this module instead of using one flash. Zoomer Gallery module allows you to easily transform your image lists into beautiful galleries with Flash-like zoom effects in them. It's simple and elegant to give your interfaces a nice little shine. You can configure each image to redirect to URL or open in lightbox. This module is compact and surprisingly easy to use.
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This is a very cool and flashing slider and it contains 27 different kinds of animation. It has various control bars which can make your website be more colourful.
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This is a simple gallery module. On the left of gallery,it will display Thumbnail list and it has paging function. On the right hand, it will display large image and it has autoplay function. It will become more intuitive and convenient to users.
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Rumble Effect is an interesting and personnalit effect. You can put images, text, logo etc on website and use the way of shaking to attract visitors'attention. You can also put some links on page, then it will display shaking effet when users mouse over. This will make users love your site unceasingly.
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EC Portfolio is a very useful effect. You can add some categories, then assign some categories to each image. In this case, it will be convenient for users to browse. When users click images, it will redirect or open large image in lightbox.
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The effect is to give the user the option to view details of a portfolio item by zooming it on hover, and to allow a full view by clicking.
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This is very useful Gallery effect, it can help you view images very quickly and conveniently. In back-end, you have many options to control. This effect is widely used on lots of sites, we believe that you would love it.
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Client Reviews
Daniel P says... 5 5.0
This product rocks...the looks are stunning and definitely add a unique edge of professionalism. What's more, the customer service is unbeatable. If someone has a great product, but offers poor service, it's worthless. These guys deliver quick, professional, and precise support. period. I highly recommend this product!
Posted 6/18/2012
Nafees A says... 5 5.0
I normally don’t write reviews but I am force to say that these are great people to work with. I have asked so much of it and without making me feel stupid they made changes whatever I ask. They have great products and untouchable customer support! I would love to buy more stuff from them and I would recommend them to everyone… you money won’t be wasted!
Posted 12/30/2011
Paul M says... 5 5.0
Excellent set of effects. Easy interface...ability to customize the theme...and each one has worked without a problem.
Posted 12/1/2011
TLDWebs A says... 4 4.0
Very nice module. Easier to use if you stay within limits of the imagination.
Posted 8/10/2011
terri t says... 5 5.0
This is a great module and there is amazing customer service... I am having so much fun with the different cool effects - Many thanks!
Posted 7/2/2011
Dwight B says... 4 4.0
DNNSmart has a lot to offer in a effects module, If you are looking for a "eye catching" effect for your site - Consider this one. - I recommend downloading the trial version first - to check for compatibility issues: Conflicts with some other modules using JS Like; Live Content & Live Tabs.
Posted 6/7/2011
Clemens M says... 5 5.0
Very nice module. Easy to use, great effects. We had some problems with the module because of a individual DNN installation - very quick support from DNNSmart - solved the problem (our special requirements) within minutes, thanks!!!
Posted 5/19/2011
Dwight B says... 5 5.0
After many failed attempts with other modules; DNNSmart Effects Collection offers what I have been looking for. Easy to use and configuration for a custom look. Many options tabs, flips, banner... Perfect! Thanks.
Posted 5/2/2011
Ken H says... 5 5.0
We primarily bought this for the beautiful looking slider show, however the flip gallery is also amazing and works beautifully. Excellent set of effects, well done, easy to manage and great support from them also. Recommended!
Posted 3/18/2011
ivan o says... 5 5.0
I had tried DNNSmart Effect Collection and I can say only the best. The modules, which I had tested, work very well. The integration of modules is very systematic, clever and easy to understand. Everything is really user friendly. I had excellent experience width technical support too.
Posted 2/17/2011
Data Springs, I says... 5 5.0
This module goes so well with almost any website and the amount of effects is well worth it. As another vendor in the DotNetNuke community for many years, this is a module I would highly recommend. Thanks for the great product guys! - Chad www.datasprings.com
Posted 3/14/2012
Yanko S says... 5 5.0
Very good module, and most importantly, fast and quality service and support. I like it. Thank's
Posted 10/24/2011
Michael K says... 5 5.0
Great module, very customizable and awesome customer service
Posted 5/31/2012
Update History
03.09.01 (New) Update on 09/27/2013
  • Modified E012_VerticalAccordion effect and fixed the issue that some options couldn't be compatible with DNN7.1.0
03.09.00 Update on 07/28/2013
  • Fixed the issue that some features couldn't work correctly on DNN7.1.0 For this updated version, it could be compatible with DNN7.1.0
03.08.01 Update on 03/12/2013
  • Compatible with DNN7.
  • Updated license mechanism.
  • Optimize this module slightly.
03.08.00 Update on 10/27/2012
  • Add effect E030_UniversalGallery View More
  • Optimized some effects.
  • Fixed the bug of throwing error when editing images in version 3.7.3
03.07.03 Update on 10/27/2012
  • Add effect E029_MiniZoomSlider View More
  • Added option "Hover Delay" for E018_MegaMenu effect, it's 500ms in default. When mouseover, sub menu will delay 500ms and then display. This will be more user-friendly.
  • Optimized interface.
03.07.02 Update on 10/09/2012
  • We optimized interface and operations.
  • We made E028_Portfolio effect support bulk upload feature.
  • We added "autoplay" option for E007_GalleryView.
03.07.01 Update on 09/03/2012
  • We added option "Start Time" and "Expired Time" on Edit Item page. In this way, Item can only display in fron-end during this period.
  • We fixed style issues of E018_MegaMenu and E008_Popeye in DNN6.
  • We added "check all" and "uncheck all" buttons on Manage Image page, this will be convenient for you to operate contents swiftly.
  • We optimized interface and operations.
03.07.00 Update on 08/03/2011
  • Fixed the bug of incorrect E016_jCarousel link.
  • Upgraded plug-in of E002_CycleSlider and added two kinds of slide effects which are Verticle and Fade.
  • Modified E017_SlideShow effect and added hover mode.
  • Modified E026_Galleriffic styles.
  • We changed module name from DNNGo.XXXX to DNNSmart.XXXX already. If you purchased this module in the past and want to upgrade to new version now, it won't lose any data after you install new version on your site directly.
03.06.00 Update on 06/25/2011
  • Support FlickrRSS. You can enter Fickr RSS Link, then it will read content and images from RSS Link.
  • Added "hover flip" mode for Flip Wall effect.
  • Add effect E028_Portfolio View More
03.05.03 Update on 04/18/2011
  • We upgraded E002_CycleSlider plug-in from 1.71.12 to 1.7.25
  • We upgraded E003_PrettyGallery and E006_ImageScroller plug-in from 3.0.1 to 3.1.3
  • We updated SkitterSlider script loading position in order to avoid conflict.
  • We added paging and hover flip functions for E005_FlipWall effect.
  • We added upgrade reminder mechanism. When module has a new version, you can see related info in "Management Center".
03.05.02 Update on 02/02/2012
  • We added option "Only Display Image" in Pretty Gallery effect. It's used to control frontend whether to display Title and Description. We also debuged theme style which looks more beautiful now.
03.05.01 Update on 01/13/2012
  • Added function of "Resize Image", you can configure "Resize Width" and "Resize Height" in Option Settings.
  • We improve the module slightly.
03.05.00 Update on 01/13/2012
03.04.02 Update on 01/10/2012
  • Fixed the bug of endless loop when loading the third-party module.
  • When this module calls the third-party module, it will throw an error if third-party module is deleted. We fixed this error already.
  • We improve the module slightly.
03.04.01 Update on 11/30/2011
  • Fixed the bug of "Management Center" not working on DNN 06.01.01
03.04.00 Update on 11/16/2011
03.03.01 Update on 11/01/2011
  • Fixed the bug of displaying 302 Error in bulk upload which will display in FireFox and Chrome browser.
03.03.00 Update on 10/21/2011
  • Optimize bulk upload function.
  • Added bulk edit function.
  • After uploading in bulk and clicking "Continue" button, it will redirect to bulk edit page.
03.02.00 Update on 10/14/2011
03.01.02 Update on 10/12/2011
  • Upgrade internal Anything Slider JQuery plug-in to version 1.7.12 (E002_CycleSlider)
  • Upgrade JQuery Library to version 1.6.4 (E002_CycleSlider)
  • Fixed the bug of images flying out when loading. (E002_CycleSlider)
  • Upgrade JQuery Library to version 1.6.4 (E004_GorgeousBanner)
  • Added options "Display Prev/Next Bar","Display Nav Bar" and "Pause On Hover". (E004_GorgeousBanner)
  • Upgrade Nivo Slider JQuery plug-in to version 2.6 (E010_NivoSlider)
  • Upgrade JQuery Library to version 1.6.4 (E010_NivoSlider)
  • Modified some CSS styles. (E010_NivoSlider)
  • Added options "Width" and "Height" to define default width and height of Panel. (E010_NivoSlider)
03.01.01 Update on 10/09/2011
  • Optimize this module slightly.
  • Fix some questions which are reported by users.
  • Add some themes for some effects. On our site,we add the area where you can download some free themes. If we have more themes in the future, we will also add in this area. Download link is http://www.dnnsmart.net/FreeDownloads.aspx
03.01.00 Update on 09/13/2011
03.00.00 Update on 08/16/2011
  • Add option "Use DNNSmart jQuery UI" to control using DNNSmart Jquery UI in case it conflicts with jQuery UI of other modules.
  • Add effect E019_PuffingSmoke View More
  • Add effect E020_PolaroidPhotoViewer View More
  • Add effect E021_SlidingDoor View More
  • We made great changes on backend interface as below screenshot, it looks more pretty now.
02.08.00 Update on 08/03/2011
  • Added the function of uploading images in bulk for some effects. Below is screenshot.
02.07.00 Update on 07/03/2011
  • Add effect E018_MegaMenu
  • Add the function of bulk deleting Item.
  • Debug interface slightly
02.06.00 Update on 03/01/2011
  • Add effect E016_jCarousel and E017_SlideShow
02.05.00 Update on 04/24/2011
  • Add function backup and restore content, convenient transfer content from a module to another module or avoid losing content.
  • Update the effect E010_NivoSlider, add 5 new effect boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse
  • Add a new option name "Display Randomly" to effect E001_FlowPage. If you set it to true, the image will diplay randomly in the front-end.
  • Add a new feild "IsActive". If you set it to false, the image won't display in the front-end but it still exist in the management list.
  • Add effect E015_BannerRotator View More
02.04.00 Update on 04/08/2011
  • Add effect E012_VerticalAccordion, E013_Tabs and E014_3DCarousel
  • Debug interface slightly
02.03.00 Update on 03/22/2011
  • Add effect E010_NivoSlider and E011_HorizontalAccordion
  • Add "Load Module" function to E002_CycleSlider, E004_GorgeousBanner, E009_ContentSlider and E011_HorizontalAccordion effects
  • Debug interface slightly
02.02.00 Update on 03/02/2011
  • Add effect "E009_ContentSlider"
  • Add option "Scroll Type" to effect "E003_PrettyGallery". View More
  • Add 1 free themes for Cycle Slider effect.
  • Debug interface slightly
02.01.00 Update on 03/01/2011
  • Fix JS conflict with some other modules. It's more stable now.
  • Optimize the module functions and debug interface slightly.
  • Add effect "E008_Popeye"
  • Add 12 free themes for Flow Page effect.
  • Add 1 free themes for Cycle Slider effect.
  • Add 1 free themes for Gallery View effect.
Technical Specifications
Module Backend: C#
Data Base: Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and above.
DNN Version: Compatible with 4.5.5, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
License Instruction
Standard version: You can use this module on only one portal within one DNN instance, this portal can be main portal or sub portal. You can get free updates and new versions unlimitedly after you purchase it.
Professional version: You can use this module on one DNN instance with multiple portals. You can get free updates and new versions unlimitedly after you purchase it.
Enterprise version: You can use this module without any limit. It means that you can use this module on multiple portals and multiple DNN instances and servers. After you purchase it, you can get free updates and new versions within one year. From the second year on, you need to pay half of enterprise cost each year to get updates and new versions.

Please note, you can’t redistribute our modules. If you need source code of this module to do changes on your end, you can contact us and purchase source code from us.

Before you purchase it, please download trial version and play with it in order to know if it can meet your need. After you purchase this module, we won't give refund if there isn't any bug which we can't resolve. If you have any question or suggestion as well as requesting technical support, you can send email to [email protected]. We look forward to your emails.
Trial Standard Professional Enterprise Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Source No No No No Yes
Free Update No Forever Forever 1 Year 1 Year
Instal License 10 day's free trial 1 Portal Installation Multiple portals within a DNN instance Unlimited Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted