DNNSmart EC Cycle Slider Effect - banner, rotator, slideshow

posted by DNNSmart.net - 8/2/2012
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Cycle Slider effect in effect collection module. Module 26578
  • $19.99 Standard (A portal license)
  • $59.99 Professional (Multiple portals installation within a DNN instance)
  • $99.99 Enterprise (Unlimited)


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Cycle Slider effect in effect collection module.

PS: You can also purchase our module "Effect Collection(Click To See)" as it contains all effects. It's more cost-effective and cheaper than purchasing separate modules. In the future, we will add more effects in this module colletions. The most important thing is that we won't raise the price and we provide upgrade free of charge. Please hurry up and purchase this effect collection module.

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  • It can support adding title and description html for items and it can also order items.
  • It can also allow customing different skins for each effect.
  • W3C xhtml Validated
  • Support browsers IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera and Netscape Navigator
  • You can configure width and height of slider.
  • You can cofigure delay time between slideshow transitions.
  • You can configure animation time.
  • You can configure animation effect when switching between two different pictures.
  • You can configure if it starts running or not
  • You can configure if it builds a list of anchor links to link to each panel.
  • You can configure the type of the navigation bar, it support title or number.
  • You can configure if it builds the forwards and backwards buttons.
  • You can configure if it will pause on hover.
  • You can configure the start button text.
  • You can configure the stop button text.
  • You can configure if the image/object will expand to fit the viewport
Option Settings
Technical Specifications
Module Backend: C#
Data Base: Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and above.
DNN Version: Compatible with 4.5.5, 5.x, 6.x
License Instruction
Standard version: You can use this module on only one portal within one DNN instance. This portal can be main portal or sub portal.
Professional version: You can use this module on one DNN instance with multiple portals.
Enterprise version: You can use this module without any limit. It means that you can use this module on multiple portals and multiple DNN instance and servers.

Please note, you can’t redistribute our modules. If you need source code of this module to do changes on your end, you can contact us and purchase source code from us.

Before you purchase it, please download trial version and play with it in order to know if it can meet your need. After you purchase this module, we won't give refund if there isn't any bug which we can't resolve. If you have any question or suggestion as well as requesting technical support, you can send email to [email protected]. We look forward to your emails.
Trial Standard Professional Enterprise Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Source No No No No Yes
Free Update No Unlimited Unlimited 1 Year 1 Year
Instal License 10 day's free trial 1 Portal Installation Multiple portals within a DNN instance Unlimited Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted