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xBlog is a blog programm based on DNN, it has powerful functions and unique design style. In addition to blog article management function which common blog module has, includes special functions of theme managing. xBlog module has following fuctionalities:blog, news, articles, akismet,rss,slidershow Module 36828
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V7.9.4 01.11.2017

xBlog is a blog program based on DNN, it has powerful functions and unique design style. In addition to article management function which common blog module has, it also includes special functions of theme management, template editing and ping service etc. The theme and template apply Velocity template language. This template language is widely used and simple. Combined with HTML, you can create all kinds of blog interface freely. Themes can be exported/ imported as well as switched between each other freely. Furthermore, we provide numerous themes and DNN blog skins for you to build your amazing website.

  • Responsive

    No matter what device you use or how you view it, you won't run into any trouble of resizing, because xBlog will adapt to any size screen automatically, making your site look fantastic.

  • DNN8 Supportive

    xBlog can shake off your doubt on its compatibility with DNN8 since our developers have made it ultra-friendly with DNN8 by means of incessantly adjusting.

  • Easy To Use

    We simplified the user interface and setup steps which gives you a great convenience to straighten everything up with a few clicks away. You are bound to describe the xBlog as the best blog module ever.

  • Archives

    An archive will be created by listing the count of published posts organized by year and month.

  • Multiple Author Support

    Allow multiple authors to post and maintain their articles simultaneously.

  • Calendar

    Show a monthly calendar highlighting days with published posts.

  • Categories

    Support for unlimited hierarchical categories. A single blog post can be associated with many categories

  • Featured Posts

    Display them at the top of the list of other articles, or display them separately from other articles.

  • Comments

    It can support perfect comment moderation feature and filtering spam comments, you can easily manage article comments.

  • Related Posts

    Automatically adds related articles based on tags.

  • Search

    You can use the build-in search to search your articles. The search widget can search article titles, articles or tags.

  • Tags Cloud

    You can define tags and assign an article to several tags

  • Friendly URLs

    Friendly URLs can be set for each post in addition to Authors, Categories, Tags, Archives, and Calendar. You can customize the post’s URL.

  • Themes and templates

    Include 5 kinds of responsive themes.

  • RSS

    You can share all your content through flexible RSS feeds.

Theme Features

xBlog is a simple, clean, professional blog that is ideal for spreading stories. Five responsive themes and flexible customization will make your user experience more beautiful.

  • Default

  • Blog

  • Simple

  • Box

  • Time Line

Widgets / Dashboard
  • Archive

  • Article List

  • Author

  • Calendar

  • Category Tab

  • Category

  • Dropdown Category

  • Popular Tab

  • Ranking List

  • Tags

  • Effect 01 Articlegallery

  • Effect 02 Articlegallery

  • Effect 03 Carousel

  • Effect 04 Article List

  • Effect 05 TransBanner

  • Effect 06 Accordion

  • Effect 07 UnoSlider

  • Effect 08 ImageScroll

  • Effect 09 ArticleList

  • Effect 10 ArticleList

  • Effect 11 Portfolio

  • Effect 12 VerticalScroll

More Features

Content management

Easily add content
Set the status of article-Published or Draft
Set featured posts
Set the top status of articles, making them stay at the top of article lists
Set the date and time for the article to become visible.
Set article authors.
Allow to set various categories for articles
Allow to set access permission for articles
Set the featured image for articles. Images will be shown in the article lists or used for dashboard module.
Allow to set multiple gallery images for articles. Images will be shown in the article detail page.
Allow to set download attachment for articles
Allow to set link type for articles. Set the link to be DNN page, third party url or attachment
Allow to set logged-in users to see article details.

Export & Import

Allow module to import data so that you can import these data on other pages or in modules of other sites
Allow to import data of BlogML format.
Allow to import data of Wordpress site.

Import Feeds

Import RSS feeds from external sources and display them as articles on your web site.
Scheduler will check and load articles automatically every once in a while.
Allow to custom the style of RSS.

Comment System

Allow to block comments before you are approved by the administrator.
Allow you to reply to other comments
Allow you to notify user comments through email
Akismet can filter out spam comments so that you can focus on more important things.
Xblog has seamlessly integrated Disqus comments. For more information please refer to http://www.disqus.com


Visitors can register to become subscribers, who will receive the email of the latest articles.
You can manually specify one or more articles to send newsletter email to subscribers.
Allow to add DNN roles as subscribers.
Allow to add subscribers in batch.
You can custom email templates.

Themes & Templates

Include 5 kinds of responsive themes.
Include very rich settings, which will make your pages unique.
Themes can be customized to use basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

SEO Optimized

Each article has its own title, meta description, and keywords.
Support Friendly URLs so that you can customize url for each article.
Automatically generate URL Sitemap with all published posts.


Searchable by DNN built-in search engine.
Xblog’s built-in search module can search Title, Summary, Content Text, Tags.

Multiple Author Support

Allow any security roles and users to be set as authors.
Allow administrator to review articles published by author.
Send review reminder email of the new article to module administrator
Allow security roles to be set as module administrator.
Support Gravatar to be author avatar.

Other Features

Support localize all static texts to native language.
Support AddThis.com Sharing Tools
Related articles can be shown at the end of articles.
Automatically adds related articles based on tags.
Multiple download attachment can be added for articles.
Support Rating feature, making your users have the ability to vote their favorite articles and blogs.
DNN Journal will be automatically updated when an article is published or updated.

Version 6.5.0 -06.14.2016

  1. Fixed the bug that some languages can not find language files in ckeditor.
  2. Newly added the feature of bulk import subscription email.
  3. Newly added the feature of sending notification email for article which is pending review .
  4. Newly added to support importing NewsArticle Module XML data source.
  5. Adjusted the email template framework, which is fit for quickly developing more email sending feature.

Version 6.4.0 -06.14.2015

  1. Newly added supports for importing Wordpress XML data source.
  2. Optimized import frame so that it can support more imported data format.
  3. Newly added rate feature which supports rating for single article, and supports to set the score for each single article manually.
  4. Replaced default editor with ckeditor.
  5. Replaced the image inserting button in article content with editor icon.
  6. Newly added the feature of inserting video, animation etc from media library to editor.
  7. Fixed the bug of suffix name showing twice when media library is importing files.
  8. Optimized some operating mode of the module.

Version 6.0.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed some bugs of the module, mainly improved its compatibility and stability.
  2. Upgraded all effects in DashBoard module.
  3. Upgraded module skin: Skin_01_Default,Skin_04_Box
  4. Optimized the operating efficiency of module code.

Version 6.0.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed some bugs of the module, mainly improved its compatibility and stability.
  2. Upgraded all effects in DashBoard module.
  3. Upgraded module skin: Skin_01_Default,Skin_04_Box
  4. Optimized the operating efficiency of module code.

Version 5.9.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed the bug of RSS import feature being invalid in some circumstances.
  2. Fixed the bug of requiring to reset the error times when reactivating RSS import source.
  3. Newly added Disqus comment feature, you can switch between built-in comments and Disqus comments as you wish.
  4. Optimized skin parameters and display effects.
  5. Added time zone control feature, fixed some bugs caused by difference between server time zone and site time zone.

Version 5.8.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed some incompatible bugs caused by editors in some DNN versions.
  2. Fixed some bugs of incorrect words.
  3. Removed the option of setting author, replaced by setting options that come with DNN module.

Version 5.6.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Added the feature of Dashboard module filtering data through tags.
  2. Optimized the style files of skin and effect, with greater compatibility.
  3. Optimized the size of skin and effect files, making the installation package more compact.
  4. Fixed the bug of causing errors when using IPV6 in some circumstances, and module can fully support IPV6.
  5. Fixed some tiny bugs of module framework.

Version 5.4.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Added dynamic option controls(color selector. urls selector and icon selector)
  2. Optimized display way of dynamic option controls, making UI more beautiful.
  3. Added setting function for single article access.
  4. Added control options of rss, thus it is able to control display images, display more links, filling mode, custom RSS style and templates, etc.
  5. Added and adjusted some of the Effects, added some even better effects, and deleted some outdated effects( no influence for the already installed ones).
  6. Fixed the issue of not successfully obtaining table prefix names through DNN API in some special case.

Version 5.3.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed the bug of module authorization error under some circumstances.
  2. Fixed the bug of some date format causing module error.
  3. Fixed the bug of management list header being unable to sort.
  4. Optimized the operating efficiency of archive module.
  5. Fixed the bug of calendar module identification error after selecting date.

Version 5.2.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Added article status setting option of RSS import, you can set draft or post for article original status.
  2. Added unsubscribe feature of subscription email.

Version 5.1.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Fixed the issue of article draft being unable to preview.
  2. Newly added subscriber title and the relevant email token for subscribe module.
  3. Added associated articles, you can control switch in skin. You can set whether to associate through article tags or read random articles.

Version 5.0.0 -06.14.2014

  1. Added import&export for BlogML format
  2. Newly added the Friendly Urls for defining each post.
  3. Added the feature to log to display for post detail section, and not turned on by default.
  4. Added support for the latest DNN7 version of Searchable feature.
  5. Fixed the bug of blog posts being not able to send subscribe email under some circumstances.
  6. Fixed the bug of posts not displaying correctly due to the time zone.
  7. Fixed the small bugs of some module framework and skin.
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Redistribution Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted
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