DNNGo Camera SlideShow 4.3.6 Effect16(25% off)

posted by dnngo.net - 3/4/2015
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Camera a Advanced jQuery slideshow with many effects,transitions, adaptive layout, easy to customize,using canvas and mobile ready. DNNGo Camera SlideShow 1.3.0 Effect16 by DNNGallery Module 34344
  • $14.99 $19.99(25% Sale) Standard (A portal license)
  • $44.98 $59.97(25% Sale) Professional (Multiple portals installation within a DNN instance)
  • $74.96 $99.95(25% Sale) Enterprise (Unlimited)


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Camera is a Advanced jQuery slideshow with many effects, transitions, adaptive layout, easy to customize, using canvas and mobile ready.


  • Compatibility with DNN05.01.04+ ~ DNN7.X.
  • More than 33 options to setup the effect.
  • Fully works on mobile devices.
  • Support to display the sliding effect using easing effect collection, with 30+sliding effects
  • Full screen support
  • Hidden button option
  • Display thumbnails in two ways
  • Support to load images asynchronously

Feature Screenshots

  • Theme_16_Default

  • Theme_16_Default

Feature 1.0.0

  • Complete the construction of module framework, create xml+template scheme to achieve each effect.
  • Complete Effect Settings and Contents interface, develop a stable version.
  • Complete the split of DNNGallery effect collection, allow users to purchase single effect without too much cost.
  • Optimize the loading speed of single effect, reduce unnecessary loading contents.
  • Optimize the interface of single effect, simplify the operation.