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posted by dnneagles.com - 8/29/2013
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Advanced News for DotNetNuke is a dnn module that allow users to post news on a web site and show them in different ways with fully customizable css. Module 31692


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Compatible with:

DotNetNuke 5

DotNetNuke 6

DotNetNuke 7

Version 01.00.11 update features:

- tag cloud added


Module edit

In module edit users can add News, set initial/end date visualization period and assign category to any news. For each news users have to add a summary and news text (html) and also a short summary (max 250 character, simple text) that will be visualized in news ticker and in news "In Evidence" (if checked). 

Users have to create some categories for the news in edit category section. 

Module settings

There are several module settings for each definition of this module. In main view settings users can choose news number and/or news period (in days) for news to be visualized. 


For news ticker users can also set a default category to be visualized (this definition can be added to multiple page and in each page could be visualized only one category or all), ticker width, height and scroll delay. 


For news archive users can only set language for months (default is english). 


For news list user can also choose to visualize or not search form.