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DnnDeveloper Slider (Animate Text, Image and Button)

posted by DnnDeveloper.In - 6/11/2017
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DnnDeveloper.in Slider is a new creative tool with amazing CSS animation effect to the Text, Button and small Image on the slide. Mobile friendly and compatible with major browsers, It's very user-friendly and manageable, it's really easy to use. It's EVS verified pro module. Module 37237
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DnnDeveloper.in Slider is a new innovative and creative tool with amazing animation effect to the Text, Button and small image over the slide image. It's very user-friendly and manageable. 

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.DnnDeveloper.in 
  • Compatibility with DNN07x to DNN9.X
  • Compatibility with major browsers
  • Mobile friendly and configurable
  • Beautiful 75 CSS animations
  • Tons of configuration options
  • Automatically slide and pause on mouse hover and control the speed of slide interval 
  • Change the Slider Transition Effects (Slide / Fade)
  • Use Default font of skin or choose from Google Fonts library
  • Add black shadow to the font from settings
  • Adjust header text (H1 to H6) font size from the settings
  • Very user-friendly interface to edit/add/delete the slides
  • Adjust the Left, Right or Center content (image object, header text, and interactive button)
  • Immediately see the image preview for the uploaded image in the Edit form
  • Multiple (two) Header text (H1 to H6) can be added to the each slide
  • Add Animate effect for the each of the Header text
  • Choose the color for the Header text
  • Multiple (two) interactive button can be added to the each slide
  • Navigation/Redirection link can be assigned to each button
  • Animation Effect for the each interactive button
  • Bootstrap button style can be selected for the interactive button
  • Image object (small image) can be added with animation effect to the each slide
  • Image object can have Maximum size and Animation effect
  • Slide and Image object can be Disabled or Enable
  • Ajax enabled to get better performance

Extension Verification Service (EVS) Pass!

back-end edit form of Slider

Front end Slider

Demo: http://dnndeveloper.in/Custom-Modules/DnnDeveloper-Slider

User Manual: http://dnndeveloper.in/Documents/DnnDeveloper Slider User Manual.pdf