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DnnC Weather Module

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DnnC Weather v01.00.01

posted by DnnConsulting - 1/9/2016
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The DnnC Weather module is a complete solution from displaying the current weather to a weather forecast of up to 16 days ahead. Module 35568
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DnnC Weather module for Dnn cms platform

DnnC Weather

Weather module for Dnn,
Current weather, or forecast weather of up to 16 days.

A complete, professional and customizable solution!

For Dnn 7 ONLY!!!

What is the DnnC Weather module?

The DnnC Weather module is a complete solution from displaying the current weather or a weather forecast of up to 16 days ahead.

The module is template based with its own template editor which means that you can customize the look and feel of the module or use built in templates, Even the color and size of the weather icons can be changed. The module will always fit with your site and house style.

The DnnC Weather Module options:

  • Display only the current weather
  • Display a forecast of up to 16 days ahead
  • The display is completely customizable via the template manager
  • 7 built in templates available, with the option to edit the stylesheet for the module
  • templates are stored in the portal folder
  • Customize the color of the weather icons
  • Different sizes of weather icons
  • 19 different languages to choose from (English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian)
  • A choice of Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin unit formats


  • Forecast template

  • Forecast template light

  • Current weather detailed

  • Current weater detailed light

  • Current weather simple

  • Current weather simple light

  • Settings api and weather config

  • Settings general

  • Settings icon options

  • Template manager


Product License

One Production License is required to install and use this product on each Domain Name (alias). A domain name is defined as a single unique domain address. Domain "" and "" are considered as single domain name. You must purchase additional Production License keys for each extra domain name such as "" or "". DNN Child Portals such as "" do not require additional licenses.

This is a Perpetual license.

All modules are under our EULA license policy.