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posted by OnyakTech - 12/24/2014
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DNN Module Collection with AppBuilder! No technical skills required! Drop AppBuilder on a page, select your data source or create your own, select your options and AppBuilder will create your solution by creating pages, adding modules and configuring everything for you. Module 34055
  • $69.95 OnyakTech Data Modules
  • $99.95 One Year Full Access to All OnyakTech Products
  • $195.95 One Year Full Access to All OnyakTech Products with Source Code


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App-Builder, Data Viewer, Omnia Custom Forms and Charts

Source Code for all modules are available with the OnyakTech Subscriptions

  1. OnyakTech App-Builder: Create Complete Data Solutions without any technical skills!
  2. OnyakTech Omnia Custom Forms: Easily create your own search, data entry, user login and registration forms.  No developer skills required.
  3. OnyakTech Data Viewer: The best way to view your data in DNN
  4. OnyakTech Charts: Instantly chart your data with over 35 chart types

What customers say about our products and service...

"Lots of companies say they support the applications they develop, but OnyakTech actually implements upgrades that address their customers' concerns. I recommend an annual subscription to OnyakTech to DNN developers."
...Melinda Keeney - Claridata Corp

"I could not even imagine not having a subscription to OnyakTech. By far the best and most useful modules you can find. This is a must have for any serious DNN admin.".
..Robert J Collins

"Your support and your modules just can't be beat and believe me after developing around 90 DNN sites I know the landscape pretty good and yours are top quality!!!"
...Beth Vest - Senior developer, DCDnet

App Builder

AppBuilder makes it easy to create a combination of many different solutions Just add it to a page, select your options and AppBuilder will generate a complete solution for you on your site. From a simple data entry form that saves to the database with email support to a multi-page data list and detail view. You can download the evaluation version of AppBuilder, Forms and Data Viewer from the Downloads page.

AppBuilder creates your pages, sets security, adds the modules and configures everything for you.
"AppBuilder is the quickest developer working for you 24/7"...

Also included in this module package are the OnyakTech Custom Forms, Data Viewer and Charts module! See below...

OnyakTech Omnia Custom Forms

The OnyakTech Forms DNN Module is designed to give you complete design control over your data entry forms while also making it very easy to add data collection controls to your forms. One simple editor to build forms quickly.  Designing your forms is as easy as using Microsoft Word!


Collect Signatures
New: Signature control allows people to sign your form!
Google Maps Integration
New: Display Google Maps on your Forms!
Data Viewer Integration
New: Integrates with Data Viewer DNN module
AppBuilder Integration
New: Integrates with AppBuilder!
Collapsible Regions
Organize Long Forms with Collapsible Controls and PopUps
Create Dashboards
Samples Included
Samples Included
Email Support
Robust Email Support
100% Free Form Design
100% Free Form Design
Mobile Support
Mobile Enabled
SQL Enabled
SQL Enabled Controls
Form Validation
Advanced Form Validation
Form Validation
Trigger Axon Campaigns with Forms
Form Validation
Custom Support Desk with SigmaPro
Form Validation
Custom Message Broadcasting with QPoke
Form Validation
Merge Form Entries with PDF Form Templates

OnyakTech Data Viewer

DotNetNuke Module

The OnyakTech Data Viewer is a data processing module for DNN that makes it easy to play with your data. Upload, view, sort, group, search, edit, backup and export all of your data from any data source easily.  

Just enter your SQL (or let the Data Viewer generate the SQL for you) into the Module settings and GO!  Or upload a file and GO!

Open Data Viewer Demo

Includes Skins
Includes Professional Skins with full CSS support to customize to your site
Secure your data
Secure your data and edit access with DNN Roles
Import and Export Data
Import Data from Excel or CSV. Export your data to PDF, CSV, Excel or Word
Add, Edit and Delete Data
Optional Full Data Access allowing users to Add, Edit and Delete
Google Maps Integration
Google Maps Integration
Data Backup
Backup Your Data
SQL Builder
SQL Generator: Don't know SQL? No problem!
Easily Identify Negative Values
Easily Identify Negative Values
Load Dynamic Data
Dynamically Load Data based on the current user, portal, page and more!
Define your own layout
Create Your Own Layout. 100% freedom of design that is token based.
Define Custom Row Actions
Define your own custom actions to execute on selected data rows
Connect to any data source
Connect to Any External Data Source

OnyakTech Charts

NO FLASH! Charts are created as images for cross-browser support
Drill-Down to view the chart data
Dynamically Generated from Sessions, Querystrings and more!
Over 35 Chart Types
Standard and 3D Chart Rendering
Data Series Tool-Tips
Supports unlimited instances on the same page!
Chart Library: Create your own or download from
Connect to any data source