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Cyon combines the best of SCRUM, Agile, Kanban, SixSigma and Prince2 project management methodologies with the ability to choose the features that work best for you per project. Module 37307


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What is Cyon?

Cyon combines the best of SCRUM, Agile, Kanban, SixSigma and Prince2 project management methodologies with the ability to choose the features that work best for you per project. Providing you with the ability to design your own project management methodology that fits your needs and your team perfectly. All while placing critical focus on your team and project stakeholders.

Make it yours by choosing the project methodology features to the visual styling displayed to you personally.

Designed to be simple and fast so you can focus on your project instead of your tools.

With workspaces and the "FOCUS" mode you will work smarter and faster by focusing on the current task so that you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

We are currently building extensions to support the tools you use the most so that you can manage your projects on any device, platform and major apps.


Cyon Roadmap (version history)

Version 1.2

  • Search Tags
  • Charts, Reports and Data Downloads

Version 1.5

  • Visual Studio 2017 Integration
  • Unity3D 5.6 Integration
  • SigmaLive Chat Integration

Version 2.0

  • SigmaPro 10.0 Integration
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration
  • Cost Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Risk Management

System Requirements

OnyakTech Cyon supports DotNetNuke (DNN) 7.4.2+, 8.x, 9.0+

  • DNN 7.4.2+
  • DNN 8.0+
  • DNN 9.0+
  • SQL Server
    • MS SQL 2008
    • MS SQL 2012
    • MS SQL Azure database

Advanced Features

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud ready
  • DNN 9 ready
  • Multilingual content
  • Integration with DNN 6.2+ Social features (Journal, Social groups...)
  • Responsive

Main features

  • Teams

    Create teams to assign groups of users to multiple projects quickly. You can also add users to projects by Role or individually.

  • Projects

    Projects contain your boards, cards, tasks, notes, files and more. You can even link to other projects from cards to create dependecies between projects.

  • Boards

    Use boards to organize areas of interest like major sections of a project or phases (design, development and complete). Each board contains cards that organize your tasks and assignments.

  • Cards

    Use cards to group related tasks, assign multiple team members, add comments and files. Cards can be moved between boards easily by dragging and dropping them onto other boards.

  • Tasks

    Create one or more tasks per card that is assigned to one or more team members. Easily move groups of tasks by dragging and dropping the associated cart to new boards.

  • Notes

    Add new notes to individual cards or directly to the projects Notes area. Use the Notes view for a complete list of all notes created in your projects.

  • Files

    Files can be added to boards, cards or to the main project. All files added to the project is available through the Files view.

  • Charts

    Project charts give you an instant overview of where your project is so that you can make decisions based on the current overall status of your project to make sure you succeed.

  • Nested Projects

    Projects can be linked nested together by adding project links to your boards. Giving you the granular control over major areas of large projects.

Cyon can be also purchased as a part of
OnyakTech Platinum DNN Collection.

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About license:
The license is a perpetual license what means that you can use the installed and activated modules indefinitely without paying any additional fee. During the subscription period of 1 year you can access the latest versions of the software. When the subscription period ends, you are no longer able to download new product versions.

Module usage:
The OnyakTech Platinum Subscription license allows the activation and use on an unlimited number of DNN portals and installations owned by you or your clients you develop web pages for.
Web design & development companies are entitled to use the license in order to install and activate the module at their clients' web pages.
Modules cannot be resold or redistributed to other organizations, companies or individuals. Hosting companies aren't entitled to offer pre-installed modules in their packages.

Upgrading modules to new versions:
Buying the OnyakTech Platinum Subscription license entitles you to freely upgrade the software to each new version we publish within 365 days upon purchase. After 365 days, you can renew your subscription or buy new versions of the modules at full price.