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posted by Paolo Labellarte - 8/21/2015
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This module will make your web site immediatly compliant to EU Cookie Directive. Multi language, easy to install, easy to configure, straight to the target in some minutes. Module 35030
  • $4.50 Default version for DNN 7.x Compatible also with DNN 6.x
  • $4.50 Package for old version starting from 4.9.3 Require .Net 3.5


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Easy to install, easy to configure

This module will make immediately your web site compliant to EU Cokie Law.


  • Multi language: automatically detect the languages enabled in your portal
  • 2 modes:
    • implicit consent (most used): user can close message box or navigate to web site
    • explicit consent: user must accept before continue to the web site
  • Time out to close the message box
  • Limit number of visualizations
  • Position customization: top/bottom
  • Color customization
  • Font customization
  • Messages and text customization
  • Compatible with 7.x and also with older versions down to 4.9.3




Product License

The customer can install and use the module only in one DotNetNuke instance.
No modifications, no reselling, no distribution permitted.