Cookie Consent for Google Analitics

posted by Carlos Silva - 9/20/2015
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It ask user for consent to use cookies. Supports Optin and OptOut modes. Controls Google Analitcs and other products that are inserted into the site only by adding html. Module 35152


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 Two modes

To best adapt this module to your country laws , this module provides 2 modes.

  • OptOut
    Google Analitics works normally until user declines cookies.
  • OptIn
    Only after user consent as been obtained the Google Analytics is allowed to work.

Check witch mode is appropriate to you. Check  about how cookie law is applied on each country check this page.

HTML injection

The module can also inject your custom html. Can be used to control use of sharethis code or other social platforms code, injecting only if user has accepted cookies

Cookie Bar

This module use the great primebox open source cookie bar.

It can be customized in many ways to fit your site.
All the resources are located inside jquery.cookiebar folder.

Note that if you change it, you should make a copy before you install an update of this module because update override all modules files.

Check documentation about primebox cookiebar here.

Applying to all site.

Use the add module to all pages DNN feature to enable this module on all portal pages.

If you have different publisher id for different portal parts you can use different module instances so each part use a particular instance of the module with different settings


If you are using Google Analitics module off DNN, you must first deactivate it.

The module will not work if Google Analitics keeps injecting Analitics code into the page.


  • For information about cookie law check this site.
  • For information about hoe cookie law is applied on each country check this page.
  • For information about DNN cookies check this page.


  • Events not showing on google analitcs report.
    Check your publish ID. If you changed you need to restart the site.


Product License

You can use this module on an DNN instance for all portals on that instance. You can get free updates unlimitedly after you purchase it.

Please note, you can’t redistribute our modules. If you need source code of this module to do changes on your end, you can contact me and purchase source code from me.

EULA Agreement inside license.txt file