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Comments+ is the cross-module and highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform, which can be easily integrated with across multiple 3rd party modules. Module 26255
  • $29.95 Standard Edition (Single domain licence with one installation)
  • $39.95 Professional Edition (10 portals licence with one installation)
  • $89.95 Enterprise Edition (Unlimited portals/installs license without source code)


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Ultra DNN Comments System - CommentsPlus

Comments+ is the cross-module & highlight comments solution based on DotNetNuke platform, in other word, it will be a universal comments/voting system to be integrated with across multiple different modules on a dnn site. Until now, this module allows you to very easily add the popular comments engine, such as Disqus & Facebook comments, any page on your DotNetNuke website, and also attach it to a specific module on the page.

Key Features

What sets Comments+ apart from other DNN comments modules?

  • Easy to install & set up.
  • Generic/built-in comment system for DotNetNuke platform.
  • Integrated with Disqus comment system seamlessly so it included all the benefits from Disqus service -, such as Threaded comments, Blacklists and whitelists, Notification, Inline media embedding…. LOTs of features.
  • Comments become more like live discussions with real-time posting and updating with offering a faster, more intuitive experience.
  • Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more. Let people login, comment, and share using social services they already use and love.
  • Provided universal way (a generic JavaScript snippet that can be implemented anywhere but the drawback is SEO missing) & API call with SEO-friendly.
  • Multiple instances with unlimited pages/tabs.
  • As the awesome widget module for Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke.
  • Flexible option to integrated with any 3rd party module, like Html/Text module, NA (Ventrian News Articles) & DigArticle.
  • Integrated with Active Social Journal seamlessly. (Just supported Disqus comments now)
  • Alternative Facebook comments system.
  • Provided separated widget module named "Recent Comments" to retrieve latest comments from Comments+ system.

System Requirement: DNN5+

How it Action

Discussion with built-in Comments+

Buzz with Disqus Comments+

Shared with Facebook Comments+

Buzz in Social DNN -

Integrated with dnn blog

Integrated with Gallery module

With comments+, it has great potential to add a much higher level of interaction with your website visitors and yourself, as well as being able to aggregate all of your visitors activity in one spot, not to mention your own. One killing feature is that all comments is SEO-friendly and are able to be indexed by Search Engine quickly.

BTW, as you noticed, it was implemented as one widget module for our core product - Ultimate DNN Blog Module SunBlogNuke.  So if you are our clients of SunBlogNuke, including Professional license & Enterprise license, comments+ is free to access in the widgets page of our website. If you are not now please feel free to join our community and will be surprised. :)

Our client Matt’s Review

I've used Comments+ with Disqus throughout, and it's fantastic - virtually seamless. I've switched off the comments provided with other modules because this does such a good job.

The SEO functionality is great, and the Active Social integration is a real winner. Unified comments throughout the site is great for a lot of reasons, and this one is definitely worth it. The implementation makes it easy to add comment counts using the Disqus javascript snippets.

I'm already a fan of SunBlogNuke and this is yet another great module that I'm thrilled with! :-)

Thanks a lot for Matt's review. 

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  • Q: Does this module work on DNN 6.2.2? And is it possible to use this module "on its own", ie. NOT using any external 3rd party services like Disqus or Facebook or Twitter? I just want to add commenting functionality for registered users and I need to make sure their comments are not connected to any external webserver and just remains within the DNN portal.

    A: Yes, it is compatible with dnn6+, including your dnn 6.2.2. And we also support built-in comment system without any 3rd-party service and you can apply it only in the dnn portal/website.

  • Q: Wondering if you have a trial version of Comments Plus? If yes, where can I download. thanks.

    A: Not yet but you should try it out with lots of demo links to see how it actions. Or you can contact us via email if you have some special requirements. Thanks a lot for your interested in our dnn modules.

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