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posted by Mitsol - 5/27/2011
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dnn comments module by mitsol is a powerful,easy to use module to use for dnn more.. Module 21893
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If you wanted a comment,discussion,feedback,contact module with all common features then our comment module is the best for you.

This comments module by MITSOL is a powerful module for dnn comment,feedback,
discussions,contact,etc.view our demo and settings page below for all great features-

our dnn comment module built in Visual Studio(backend c# language) with Jquery for rich user experience.

Common Features - can set which role in your portal role can have view,post and edit

2.Email notifications for sub comments

3.Email notifications to admin for new comments based avatar according to your email address

5.Captcha included to prevent anti spam

6.Sorting of post

7.Paging can define page size

8.Comments on comments(different levels)

9.Post approval by admin before posting

10.Comments can be exported as a file.Exported comments can be imported to any comments module.

11.Automatic width adjustment in any content pane of any skin

And more ..


  Comment page (anonymous user view)

   Settings page


1.DNN 5 & 6 versions

2.Sql Server 2005 +
(including express editions) 3.5+

4.IIS 6.0 +




  • Q: When collecting the email and website fields, where is this information stored? can you output all comments/dataelements to a csv or other type output ? Is it possible to modify the formtemplate to collect additional information?

    A: All Comment fields are stored in database table. no outputting of comments now, if needed we will add it. Didn't add additional fields, all needed fields are there. Thank you update : export/import functionality has been added

  • Q: Hi. I like your feedback module. Is it possible to have this altered from saying "comments" to "prayer requests and responses" or something similar? Either within the module or by your company? Thank you.

    A: yes you can.we added this feature

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