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CATALooK.netStore v7.0.0 - eCommerce solution

posted by CATALooK - 9/20/2012
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Most professionel, best selling and powerful multilingual, search engine optimized ecommerce store including a concept utilizing many business models in one application. Module 27364


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The award winning e-commerce solution CATALooK.netStore is a professional, flexible and feature rich shopping cart solution which enables you to maximize the success of your online Enterprise. We have included all the necessary tools required to build a powerful eCommerce store as well as a feature rich rental system. We have also included a wide range of business models within one central application. We constantly strive to improve our software to meet our customer’s needs by listening and acting upon customer feedback and suggestions. With experience from more than 10.000 CATALooK.netStore installations since our first version of DNN1 in 2003, we have built a flexible, reliable and feature rich e-commerce solution. CATALook.netStore is also thriving among developers and supporters who also offer an ever expanding set of CATALook.netStore modules, skins and services. DNN 7 ready.

Click here to visit our Catalook Demostore. 

  • We offer support via e-mail and a free 1-year update service. This includes all updates for new DotNetNuke versions.
  • We also offer individual programming services. We are happy to customize the software so that it completely fits the structure of your business.
S: CATALooK.netStore Standard
P: CATALooK.netStore Pro & Booking Tools
O: Option

Business types and live stores using CATALooK.netStore. 

Clothing, Fashion, Shoes, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Beauty, Body Care, Luxury

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Key Features
x x   Online store for selling or renting any kind of product or service with fixed or variable charges from single or multiple vendors
   NEW:Premium Module  Gift Registry and Fund Raising ( visit our demostore to learn more about these features)
x x   Subscriptions: customer is automatically added to the selected user role for a predefined period after payment has been effected-  product subscriptions, magazine subscriptions 
 x   Recurring Billing 
x x   Recurring delivery from customers inventory assets and automatic prolongation of the subscription
  x   Configurable products (computers, cars, mobile accessories, web hosting plans etc.) Customer can build configurations under consideration of compatibility rules, product types and specifications of their components.
Step-by-step product creation. Additional fees/surcharges. 
  x   Bundled products You may want to sell some products only as a part of a composite product. 
  x   Packages / composite products To create a product package / composite product create a configurable product and add slots to it and name it e.g.: MY PACKAGE ITEM A + ITEM B. Select slot [Status] = fixed and pre-select a product ID for each slot. You can combine fixed and  unfixed slots with pre-selected items and items that are not pre-selected in one configurable product.
Item packages for special pricing: Fixed and percentage surcharges or discounts
Item packages with additional fees (e.g. assembling fees for computers): Percentage and fixed amounts
You can find more information about item prices under [Customer Care / Shopping Cart / Pricing -> point: Pricing]
  x   Rentable products You can rent hotels, cars, tools and other items. Add periods when the product should be available. ( Add on module)
  x   Tickets (Sale concert tickets etc.) Tickets are the same as Rentable Products. The difference is that the customer can choose a booking day only and not a rentable period. ( Add on module)
  x   Auction Type 1 It’s a sale of a large number of the same product to get a better price. The more purchase requests for an item the lower the price can be. Prices of an already ordered / requested product will be changed according to the actual ordered number of the same product. It has a start date and a finish date. It has one vendor associated to it. It can have one or more buyers associated to it.
  x   Auction Type 2 It’s a public sale in which property or items of merchandise are sold to the highest bidder. It has a start date and a finish date. It has a starting price. It may have a Reserve price (The Reserve Price is the lowest price this item can be sold for). It may have a Buy It Now price (Seller pre-determined price that he is willing to sell the item before auction expiration). It has one vendor associated to it. The highest bid wins the auction if the bid account meets or exceeds the reserve price or there is no reserve price in a specific auction
x x   Books(Specify ISBN number, author, publisher...)
x x   Real-time delivery of digital goods Sell video-, music-, flash-, software-, image- and any downloadable files. Add an unlimted number of download files per product to display after purchase (CATALooK.netStore Standard: one file only)DRMNetworks):
  x   Media Gallery You can add an unlimited number of video-, music-, flash-, software-, image- and downloadable files, external links and links to a page in your site to each product. The user can listen to music files, watch video files, show video / audio demonstrations and images which are displayed in the integrated media player, flash player, image viewer or a custom media viewer / player and can download files. 
    Rotator / List View Media Files
x x   Item based donations You can optional allow users to give as much as they want for a product, and likewise enable them to set their own price. This can be used for donations or if you publish any items for free and want to allow your friends to pay something if they want to honor your work. You can also combine the donation function with the function [Hide all price labels].
x x   Affiliate store (refers to a third party affiliate gateway)
x x   Call Center / Telephone Marketing Individual product price changes during checkout or after an order has been placed; Admins can enter orders on behalf of customers; Add new products to existing orders.
  x   Engraving and t-shirt printing service, embroidery products Customers can upload images on the product page.
 x   Buy Now Button
 x   Recently Viewed Items
Show Featured Products , New Releases, Most popular items
 x   Mini Cart Modul
  Product Reviews
 x  x   Different Search Options
       Learn more and visit our Catalook Demo Store

Multi-Language Support
Language packages 
x x   English
x x   Russian*
x x   German
x x   Portuguese*
x x   Danish*
x x   Greek*
x x   French*
x x   Swedish*
x x   Norwegian*
x x   Spanish*
    x Italian
    x Chinese
    x Arabic
x x   Czech*
x x   Dutch*
      *No warranty for completeness. All languages can be changed in the ressource file.
Customizable localization
x x   Language localization for selected parameters (name, description, keywords, selections etc) of categories, products, product attributes, product options and search token
x x   Multi-language support
x x   Globalized web controls
x x   Localized help files
x x   Changeable translated keys for controls, messages, notification emails etc.
x x   Second currency option: Fix a rate of exchange related to the main currency for all installed languages
x x   Online real time Currency Converter
x x   Customized currency symbols
x x   CATALooK.netStore can handle specific cultures(en-EN, en-GB, de-CH etc.)
x x   Localized button images
x x   Selectable currency and weight/dimension measurement units
x x   List of more than 40 states/provinces
x x   Language switcher Module(CAT_LangSwitcher) and Skin Object can be used by users to change the language of CATALooK.netStore and DotNetNuke. More than 50 predefined cultures and flags.
x x   Language resources editor module(add/edit keys and translations)
Multi-Portal Capable
x x   Multiple stores can share the same database (parent/child portals)
x x   Each store can have it's own products, categories, product types, product specifications, options, taxes, shipping, vendors, carts, orders, invoices, credit notes, referrals etc. independently of other stores in the same database
Multi-Vendor Mode
x x   Single-vendor and multi-vendor mode
x x   Allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store  for selling their products
x x   Each provider manages his own categories, products, product attributes, product relations, product types, specifications, product configurations, bundled products, orders, taxes, shipping, files etc. independently of other providers
x x   Each vendor can see only his own folder and can use files from this or upload files only to this folder
x x   Option to show an authorized user all categories, product types, specifications, slots and options created by all users and admin-users so that he can use these attributes in his own products, but he has no permissions to change these attributes
x x   Option to make product attributes and categories of all users and users with store admin rights public
x x   One joint catalog and a common checkout point for each store, so the customer needs to place only one order
x x   Customers see a single shop with different products, and they can purchase products from different providers at a time, and will get only one order notification
x x   Each provider will get orders for his products only
x x   Unlimited number of isolated provider/seller accounts
x x   Sellers/providers can edit only products,  belonging to them
x x   Different vendors can have different settings for products (e.g. different tax or shipping settings)
x x   Admin, host and store owner accounts are separated from provider/seller accounts and can supervise and manage all provider accounts
x x   Notification e-mails will be send automatically or manually for: vendor sales, after a vendor has created a new product, if a vendor product is approved and listed for sale, orders, after creating invoices, credit notes, refunds...
  x   Feedback module: User can leave / change a feedback after a purchase. The vendor can add comments to the rating.
  x   Module Vendor Account: Lists all vendor sales and refunds/credit notes for sales commissions. Can be used to provide an automatic payment for vendor sales commissions. Lists all vendor sales and refunds if the user has store admin or global admin rights or the sales of the logged in user only.  You can define a period and the amount for Commissions rewards.
Referrals/Affiliate Tracking
x x Affiliate marketing to the promotion campaign of your store. Referee can advertise for your store by placing banner(s) or links on their websites and earn commissions by directing visitors to your site. You get all these exposures free and only pay a percentage of order amounts to the referee when a sale is made. Tracks all sales of referees
x x Create referral buttons or links
x x A notification will be send automatically to referee
x x Manual referee change function: Usually a referee is added if he points to your site via an affiliate referral link. This function allows you to assign a referee to each customer manually. One could use this to calculate the commission for sales managers.
x Automatically refund referral and vendor sale commissions by discounts on orders
x Referee Account [CAT_Referrals] with Affiliate tracking: Lists all referral sales and refunds/credit notes for referral commissions. Can be used to provide an automatic payment for referral sales commissions. Lists all referral sales and refunds if the user has store admin or global admin rights or the sales of the logged in user only. You can define a period and the amount for Commission rewards.
Setup & Support / Item Import And Export
x x PA modules for DotNetNuke can directly be loaded and installed with DNN file manager as Custom Module
x x Easy-to-use customizeable web interface. Online administration in order to add and edit items, categories, customers etc. Wizard for product administration.
x x Product Edit and Option Edit links on product lists and detail page
x x   Bulk uploading of products, categories and customer data (customers with different user roles). Automatic replacement of original import data with deposited data. Databases are synchronized during the process of importing.  You can use the included template mdb, xls and xml files to join your ERP system database. You can select which fields should be included in the import. Import products from Microsoft Great Plains.
x Web Services for: Product, category, product attribute, media file, user, order, price rule etc import / update / export
x x   Import job scheduler: The import job can be added to the DNN scheduler e.g. if you want to update the stock in defined periods and sync your ERP system with the store database. The scheduler import job compares whether the current import file is newer than the last imported. If not the Import job waits for newer data.
x x Item-export (products and categories) to eBay: (format: eBay-Turbolister CSV), other formats: HTML, Microsoft Excel, XML, CSV)
x x Export of orders, products and customers (formats : MS Excel, Html, Xml, CSV, QuickBooks, Amazon Fulfillment)
x x Free 1-year update service
x x System and provider requirements: ASP.NET and SQL-server support
Design & Layout
  x   The package contains: Two DNN Skins which include support for several CATALooK.netStore features and a language switcher skin object to change the language of DNN and CATALooK.netStore, 3 DNN containers, 4 CATALooK.netStore Skins for fixed-width/small and 4 CATALooK.netStore Skins for full-width sites
x x   100% css compatible template-based storefront. Cascading Style Sheets or skin selection enable you to easily change the style. Integrated CSS editor
x x   Skinning
HTML / ASCX or XML skinning is available for all presentation layer modules. It is possible to redesign the complete module layout. All button images are located in the skin folder and will be exported and imported together with all other skin files. You can add new controls change or add control properties, delete controls, move controls to another place of the page and add/edit html code. (Integrated skin editor)
x x   Fully customizable design & layout
x x   A choice from several pre-designed CATALooK.netStore skins
  x   Special business and store skin for DNN which includes support for several CATALooK.netStore features and a language switcher skin object to change the language of DNN and CATALooK.netStore
x x   Fully changeable HTML email templates for order, invoice and credit note emails
x x   Intuitive navigation
x x   Support for thumbnails. Thumb and max. image sizes are selectable on module level
x x   Category images: For each category of the menu, state images and mouse-over texts can be deposited with categories
x x   Rich text WYSIWYG editing for product details HTML Page and Forms
x x   HTML e-mails, Auth SMTP and SMTP E-mail system
x x   Illustration of the database by using images of items and categories
x x   Changeable sales agreements
x x   Changeable checkout message
x x   100% changeable UI control texts of each language via language editor
x x   You can modify all messages, field names, notifications, texts of controls...
x x   Paging for nearly all of the lists. Custom pager on presentation layer modules and Customer administrator module
Product Catalog
x x   Unlimited number of categories / subcategories can be put in unlimited levels and are automatically recognized and clearly displayed in a tree, link box, drop down list, Telerik RAD Menu, Telerik RAD PanelBar, Unordered List, Gallery or slide structure(SolPart) menu control. Each product can be assigned to an unlimited number of categories. You can use multiple menu modules with pre-selected categories on different pages to separate product categories by DNN portal pages. Start and end date, category images, access permissions for different user roles etc can be selected for each category.
   Add unlimited number of  products to each categorie.
  Easy category management module - update, add, move, delate categories and subcategories.
  x   Define a home page for each category. This can be used to separate categories on different portal pages (assign shops to different pages) with the use of category restrictions in the presentation layer modules and the child category level display of the menu module
  x   Child, parent, same, root, root only and selected category levels display. Link for sub category levels.
x x   Unlimited number of items and customers
x x   Enable/disable switch for products and categories
x x   Selectable Publication Start and Publication End date for products
x x   Search / Advanced Search by language, product type, title, description, category, ISBN, author, publisher, vendor, ID, SKU, price range, allocation date, keywords, listings ending, number of bids (auction items only), number of purchases and user defined fields
x x   Search Methods All words, any words, exact phrase
x x   Category selector and category restrictions for search function
  x   Advanced Search: Search in additional fields / search tokens. You can add an unlimited number of additional fields / search tokens to each product and make them available for certain product categories. After selecting a category only available search tokens will be displayed.
x x   Alphabetical Letter Search
  x   Period Search: Search for available rentable products or tickets. (see [Renting System])
  x   Configurable Search module style. You can also use more than one search module on the same page.
x x   Quick listing of items by copying and altering already existing items
  x   Additional fields
Add an unlimited number of additional fields to each products
Product Options
You can add an unlimited number of product options and option selections to each product. There are 2 kinds of options. You can mix them for one product
  • Image Options: Are displayed as radio button list with images for each button. Use this to define options for color, material etc.. Image Files can be located in any folder on your server or on an external URL
  • Text Options: Text options can be displayed with 12 control types: Radio Buttons, Checkboxes for multiple selections, Drop Down Lists, Date Time Picker, Color Picker control, calculator control (calculate e.g. the number of packages based on the number of units per package and the loss) and several textboxes where the user can enter text, passwords, numeric amounts etc. You can select the number of repeat columns for these controls. For each selection or combination of option selections you can define a price difference/surcharge as constant:(Example: red=+5 or blue=-5) or related to the sale price:(green=-8% or silk=+10%) and a weight, which will be used to calculate the shipping charges, a SKU number,  Inventory tracking for options (Stock quantities for each unique item) and images for different combinations of selections from several options, Composed options selections ID's, Ability to select the order in which the options IDs are appended, Add required field validators, pre-select selections or fill text fields with predefined text, disable option selection fields and set text fields to read only, add descriptions to option fields, Option to show only combinations of options and selections which are included in a predefined POSelID of a product or to display combinations of options selections only if they are in Stock, Options Total amount display on the product detail page

Define these options and add or remove selections.

  x   Customizable data entry forms
  • Build flexible data entry forms with the use of several input controls: drop-down lists, check boxes, check box lists, radio buttons, radio button lists,  multi-line and single-line text boxes with changeable size, Password fields, amount entry fields, date time picker, color picker etc.
  • Spellchecking option for text boxes
  • Add validators to required fields
  • Pre-select selections or fill text fields with predefined text
  • Disable form fields and set text fields only for reading
  • Add descriptions and titles to the form fields
  x   Media Gallery for products: Add an unlimited number of video-, music-, flash-, software-, image- and downloadable files, external links and links to a page in your site to each product. The content type will be recognized automatically and displayed with a media menu in the item lists.
  x   Data Pool for Serial Numbers, License Keys, Phone Card Keys, Login Data, Gift Product Coupon Codes etc. with supplier information also for product variants. Records will be picked up from the data pool for items of paid orders or optional also unpaid orders and displayed on the order details page. One Serial Number of any available Serial Number Category can be assigned to an ordered product. Alert messages can be sent to the store email addresses and the product vendor email address once the Serial Numbers remaining count falls below a given value.
  x   Additional Images
Upload an unlimited number of images for each product. These images will be shown on the product detail page as thumb and with their native size in the selected image viewer control (LightBox Effect, Lens Effect, ToolTip Effect etc). Image Files can be located in any folder on your server or on an external URL
  x   Universal Dashboard module (CAT_DashBoard): The DashBoard module is a Universal presentation module and can be placed on portal pages as often as you like. This module is configurable to display popular products, featured products, new items of a selectable period, related products, items that have been bought also, all products of a category, user selected products, recently viewed items etc. . An optional random function is included. You can select the number of list items and the period for new items. It is possible to define category restrictions.
x x   Price history of each item is graphically displayed
x x   Inventory Tracking and Option to not publish items which are out of stock. Customers can only see items that are in stock. Stock administration on the basis of receipts or orders.
  x   Inventory tracking for options  (Stock quantities for each unique item) and Images for different combinations of selections from several options e.g. if a customer selects a color from the options list the color of the product image will be changed and the customer can see if this product is available: Stock images or absolute stock values can be displayed alongside the options
x x   Price agent watch list: customers are notified if an item is priced as wished
x x   Wish List function
       Sold out message 
x x   Buy It Now button for quick checkout
  x   Quick order form allows B2B customers to create orders by entering a list of product item codes.
x x   Option to display product reviews to registered users. Review administrator (Reviews must be approved before they will be displayed)
x x   Option to display related (recommended) items, cross selling items and items that have been bought also on product details page
x x   Option to display a list of popular items, featured items and new items on the store home page
x x   Printable catalogs are created automatically
x x   E-mail advertising: E-mail advertisements are sent to different user groups considering an E-mail stop list/Robinson list. You can work on this list manually and it can be filled with E-mail addresses automatically by creating a link on those E-mail advertisements. These links can be used by customers who arenŽt interested in receiving E-mails in future.
x x   E-mail item(s) to a friend feature on product detail page
x x   Option to setup query string params for the first access to the main catalog module
x x   Click on [Add to Cart] button can optional redirect to the page where module CAT_Cart is located
x x   An Overview of items is displayed in form of browse with selectable repeat column number or in form of list style with the help of an automatic thumbnail generator for a quick display of images. Items are listed according to their name, SKU, ISBN, author, price...
x x   A main image, a short description (max. 2000 characters) and an HTML page can be deposited for every item
x x   Mini Cart module can be placed on every portal page and shows items currently ordered as well as the total amount and displays a checkout button
x x   Pre-selection of categories to display their items on different pages
x x   Possibility to transform CATALooK.netStore from a shopping cart application to a web based product catalog with media gallery: Hide price labels, order quantity boxes and add to cart / add to config buttons in the item lists and customer forms
x x   Select orderable quantities for each product: e.g. if you do not sell directly or if you want to open an affiliate store you can set this value to 0. This keep customers from adding this item to their cart and can disable the order function for each product separately
  x   Product comparison The comparison grid will display all not empty standard fields and custom fields of the products.
  x   Prices incl. tax and w/o tax prices can be displayed optional and simultaneously for each price label depending on the tax rate of the actual selected specific culture or the user address
x x   Product and cart based percentage and fixed amount discount coupon codes. Coupons with fixed amounts are partial redeemable. If a customer removes a coupon code from the cart it can be reused.
  x   Coupon codes for free shipping or discounted shipping charges
  x   Automatically add free products to the cart
x x   Stock images or absolute stock values can be displayed for all products
x x   Quantity discounts
x x   Customer discounts
x x   Retail and wholesale price
  x   Percentage and fixed discounts and prices depending on categories, product, role membership, user, certain period of time, coupons, billing period, cart amount
x x   Limit minimum and maximum order amount
Customer Care / Shopping Cart / Pricing / VAT
x x   Easy Step by Step cart logic. Pages can be combined (One page checkout)
      Customizeable Bill-To-Address and Ship-To-Address forms.
      Anonymous checkout supported
x x   Tax Ident Number(UID) / VAT number check for tax exempt
x x   Option for: I want to receive information and special offers?
x x   Customer checkout message (Customer can enter instructions for his order during checkout)
x x   Customer can enter discount coupon codes
x x   Update of item quantities in shopping cart, remove products from shopping cart
x x   Product images and links are displayed for each item in Cart
x x   For each customer / presentation layer module you can deposit an html help file
x x   All orders are stored in a SQL database
x x   Customers can view, search & browse personal order history and order details
x x   Combination and change (cancellation of certain items) of outstanding and incomplete orders
x x   Real time order tracking
x x   Customizable e-mail notifications/orders/invoices/credit notes/quotations
x x   Pricing: Bulk prices/quantity discounts depending on order quantity; fixed amounts or percentage amounts for unlimited item quantity ranges; temporary special prices for each item; prices tax incl. and excl. tax; wholesale pricing; percentage and fixed discounts and prices depending on product, also purchased product, categories, user, role membership, user, date, coupons, billing period, cart amount
  x   Royalty, Loyalty and Reward Points
x x   Configurable price labels
x x   Limit minimum order amount
x x   Printable invoices, credit notes, quotations and order receipts
x x   Customer profiles: Unlimited ship-to addresses, Business profile
x x   Tax exempt option for customers
x x   Payment state / delivery state / advice of despatch
x x   Price agent: customers are notified if an item is priced as wished
  x   Communicator / HelpDesk module with customizeable request form
x x   Affiliate programs
x x   User can request a quotation. Administrator can change the prices in the requested quotation and mail it to the customer and customer can find this quotation in his account.
Order Handling / Inventory
x x Payments for unpaid orders from the order list. Useable for quotations etc.
x x Option to select when an invoice will be created: either immediately after the order has been placed, after the payment state is set to "paid" or manually.
x x Recurring billing for subscriptions: The recurring billing job can be added to the DNN scheduler and works with credit card and PayPal payment with optional use of the PayPal subscription feature on the PayPal site. Customers can unsubscribe, reinstate and change the next billing date at any time. Generates orders and invoices(optional) when a new recurring period starts. Optional use of service fees and periods from dnn security roles advanced settings section.
x x Recurring delivery from customer?s inventory assets and automatic prolongation of the subscription
x Auto-Ship option: Buyers can enable recurring billing and select the billing period for selected cart items. Admins can define discounts for different billing periods
x x Donations: You can optional allow users to give as much as they want for a product, like set their own price. This can be used for donations or if you publish any items for free and want to allow your friends to pay something if they want to honor your work. You can also combine the [donation] function with the function [Hide all price labels]. The [hide]  function is also available in all product lists. Option to select a charity from a list of charities on checkout. Each charity can have it's own donation account.
x x Call Center / Telephone Marketing feature: Allows individual product price changes during checkout or after an order has been placed
x x Combination and change of outstanding and incomplete orders
x x Quick information on all outstanding items of an order
x x Option to allow customers to delete ordered items that are not yet processed
x x Invoices and credit notes, even for a part of the delivery (Invoices can also be rendered separately for each entry of an order)
x x Partial shipments allowed
x x Shipping data for each item of an order: Rate, shipping company and shipping date
x x Real time order tracking
x x Real time package tracking
x x Customizable e-mail Confirmations of orders, invoices, credit notes, referral sales and vendor sales are sent automatically  by E-mail
x x Shipping labels with editable layout can be printed
x x Printable invoices, credit notes, order receipts and pick lists
x x Separate labels on email receipts and order detail pages for shipping charges, item tax, tax total, tax shipping, order total excl tax and order total incl tax
x x Form designer
x x Tax.Id. number and tax-number on receipts
x x Payment state / delivery state
x x Web-Service for orders, products and categories.
x x Backorders allowed
x x Search in the orders table is realized for the following items: Booking Date, Customer, Vendor, Product, Product Options, Order Date, Purchase Order Number, SKU, Status of Payment, Invoices, Credits or any combinations of these fields
x Sales Statistics includes detailed Sales Reports and Profit Report
x Full inventory control for products and product attributes with 'Out of Stock' check.
x Stock update for incoming products by using a bar code scanner
x x Stock update after Orders, Invoices/Credit Notes
Shipping & Tax
x Tax by client's location and products. Specify tax rates for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. Define Tax Zones and assign these Tax Zones to several items(Product-specific taxes).
x Real time US and Canadian tax rate calculation and address validation via Avalara AvaTax service.
x Support for Canadian taxes.
x x "Tax exempt" feature
x x Specify a default tax value
x x Calculation of freight costs item based, for first item and following items (the same or different products in the same delivery)
x x Freight charge flat rate
x x Offer free shipping / Free of charge if total goods price = X
x x Consideration of Cash on Delivery Charges and Insurance Charges
x x Mark products as "Free shipping" or "Shipping address not needed" products
x Delivery date calendar and delivery time selector (Add non despatch and non delivery periods)
x x Real time freight charges calculation depending on weight and dimensions of items
x x Real-time rate calculation and package tracking with United Parcel Service (UPS), UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (USPS), DHL and Posten Bring Fraktguide. Support for UPS negotiated rates and overweight packages.
x x Real-time rate calculation and tracking with
-  United States Postal Service (USPS)
- Federal Express (FedEx)
- DHL WorldWide Express (DHL)
- AirBorne Express (Airborne)
- Canada Post
 Any combination of the above - even at the same time!
-  Conway freight rating support. (required .netSHIP control (separately sold))
x x Advanced custom shipping rating system for rate back and failover purposes as well as custom defined algorithm based shipping implementations. Common uses of this system include providing backup for a real-time processor, providing free shipping for certain cases, providing shipping or special messages for overweight packages that can't be rated through the real time systems or simply to provide your own custom rating based on a variety of criteria.
Rate calculation formula based on
- location
- weight
- quantity
- pricing ranges.
Payment Methods & Security
Credit Card / PayPal
x x Accept payments in any currency
x x Support for Debit cards
x x PayPal payment processor also allows Pending PayPal payments and supports PayPal subscriptions
x x Real-time Credit card processing with SSL support integrates the following payment gateways:
x x In addition the following payment gateways can be used via .netCHARGE www.dotnetcharge.com control (separately sold): Amazon FPS, NaviGate, Realex Payments, HSBC UK, InnovativeGateway/Merchant (Quickbooks), SecurePay, YourPay, Concord, CyberSource, Trust Commerce, OptimalPayments, ESecPayments, Vital / Visanet Native, PlugnPay, Paymentech Native, Processor, Paymentech Orbital Gateway, Echo, Moneris, Nova Native Processor, Bank Of America, LinkPoint, Itransact, PayReady, VerisignPayflowLink, Intellipay, viaKLIX (Nova), Ecx, PlanetPayment, Mcps, Cybercash, SkipJack, Itransact, PayReady, NetBilling, ioNgate, PSiGate, PayCom, ePoch, Amazon FPS, GlobalPayments, Nova Processor, Nova VirtualMerchant, Nova viaKlix, PSiGateCOM
x x External providers for .netCHARGE and .netSHIP
x x The payment status of customer`s orders are updated automatically and display "paid" in the store after payment has been effected or display "error" if payment is still due. (PayPal, Credit Card)
x x Option for manual (offline) credit card processing (Credit Card numbers will be encrypted and stored in the secure SQL server data base and decrypted when listed to SSL secured order detail page, no connection to CC Gateway)
Credit Card payment information security
x x SSL (https) support
x x VBV Verified by Visa supported by selected payment gateways.
x x MD5 Merchant Hash Code verification. This is a very secure fraud check supported by Authorize.net and other gateways.
x x AVS Support - The Address Verification Service is enabled on those processors that support it. It uses the address or zip / postal address to help verify that the transaction is legitimate.
x x CVC Support - The card verification code helps to cut down fraud. This code is passed to those gateways / processors that support it
x x Option to make the 3-digit security code compulsory
x x Option to show a Show 9-digit user identity number
x x Default payment and checkout methods: Cash On Delivery (COD), Purchase Order (PO), Debit, Cash In Advance, Quotation Request, No payment if cart amount = 0
x x Unlimted number of customizeable payment methods incl Credit Card payments with different transactions and authorization types selected for a gateway processor. Payment methods can be restricted by user role and country.
Module Security / Search Engine Support
x x Full HTTPS/SSL support
x x Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
x x Password-protected administrative access
x x Allow members of certain user roles to administrate products, orders, customers, files etc.
x x Each vendor can see only his own folder and can use files from this or upload files only to this folder
x x Store admin
x x Search and delete SQL code in search fields to prevent SQL injection attacks
x x Credit card details can be encrypted when pushed to the database and decrypted when listed to order detail page
x Assign user roles to each category
x x Watermark function for all full size images
x x Redirects users who are not yet registered to [login/register] page if they try to checkout
x x Inserts the category name and the product name in the page title. Meta tags will be filled with the product keywords and the category and product short descriptions to get Top Rankings for all products
PA modules for DotNetNuke 24                37                  
Additional View/Edit/Option module Controls for DotNetNuke 96 127
External provider assemblies for Credit Card gateways, real time shipping rates and custom shipping rates, Digital Rights Management, SQL data Yes Yes
Files total (source code version package) 3116 3477
Skin Objects (Language Switcher, Property Link, Search) 0 4
DNN Skins 0 4
DNN Containers 0 18
CATALooK.netStore Skins 9 9
DotNetNuke Compatibility 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
Language VB.NET VB.NET
Private Assembly Yes Yes
User Controls 116 168
Lines of code total >900000 >1120000
Lines of code SQL script 20000 >24000
Database (MS SQL Server, SQL Server 2005 Express or MSDE) Yes Yes
Data Access Separate data access layer (DAL) consist of a database access class which implement the DataProvider abstract class
Database tables 51 69
Database stored procedures 387 476
Translated keys (CATALooK.netStore uses the Multilanguage and localization features of DNN) >6000 >8000
Translations total (controls, messages, notification e-mails etc.) >30000 >35000
ASP.NET Membership support Yes Yes
DNN folder management support: Image, media and download files can be located in any folder on your server or on an external URL. You can also link to pages of the portal Yes Yes
Friendly URL Support Yes Yes
External user registration and login modules (e.g. UCanUse) can be used to replace the cart module login and register functionality on checkout Yes Yes
Administrators User Manual with more than 500 pages, more than 100 screen shots; 5 developer manuals for web service API and skin controls Yes Yes
Developing time (person days)
7000 8000

CATALooK.Net Store Live Stores 


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Spotlight Reviews

5 5 (5 product reviews)
Chris H says... 5 5.0
I've tried out 5 different e-Commerce solutions... CATALook blew ALL of the others away in functionality and support. They have answered over 100 of... Show More
Posted 6/9/2008
Thomas T says... 5 5.0
Excellent Product. Easy to modify and well coded. Had things pretty well up and running in a matter of a couple of days.
Posted 10/30/2006
James B says... 5 5.0
Superb shopping cart module and excellent technical support provided via email. Cart is easy to setup and quite quickly can be configured to support a... Show More
Posted 8/16/2006
Michael H says... 5 5.0
Great product! Superior customer support! Can't ask for anything more! Thank you.
Posted 7/21/2006
edward a says... 5 5.0
Sussane! you are a genius! I had my misgivings when you told me that this product is not compatible with DNN 4.0.0. I Spent a weekend upgrading my DNN... Show More
Posted 7/20/2006

Product Specifications

  • Affiliate System:
    refer to a third party affiliate gateway...

  • Anonymous Checkout:
    option of creating an account or checking out anonymously...

  • Auction Module:
    Auction Type 1 and Auction Type 2

  • Booking Tools:
    for tickets, cars, hotel reservation,...

  • Configurable Products:
    create associated products

  • Cross Selling Products:
    offer the customer a product or service related to other items

  • Discounts, Loyalty Points, Gift Vouchers:
    unlimited number of gift vouchers, discounts per customer, products,..

  • Donations:
    accept donations

  • Downloadable Products:
    sell any kind of products...

  • Feedback module:
    leave / change a feedback, comments, ratings after a purchase...

  • Google Checkout+Google Base + Google Analytics+:
    fast, safe and more convenient

  • Mediagallery:
    detailed product page for every product

  • Multi Currency:
    price goods and services in a variety of foreign currencies,

  • Multilingual:
    communicate in more than one language, Cat Language switcher and Skin Object can be used by users to change the language of CATALooK.netStore and DotNetNuke. About 50 predefined cultures and flags.

  • Multi-Vendor Capable:
    multiple vendor, multiple stores/carts

  • Payment Methods:
    Credit Cards, Real time ACH eCheck processing, Internet Banking, Purchase Order (PO), Cash on Delivery (COD), Sofortüberweisung, Request For Quote,...

  • Product Catalog:
    unlimited number of categories, search / advanced Search, product options, images, ...

  • Product Comparison:
    compare products

  • Product Reviews and Ratings:
    add reviews, ratings, feedbacks

  • Product Search and Filter:
    advanced search, price search, price slider function...

  • Products:
    unlimited numbers, attributes, product filter, product import/export, "sold out" message for out of stock items, ...

  • Real-Time Delivery :
    of digital goods

  • Recurring Billing:
    daily,weekly, bi-weekly - Every 2 weeks monthly, ...

  • Renting System:
    machines, cars,..

  • Search Engine Optimized:
    friendly url, google analytics...

  • Shipping :
    Real Time Shipping Rates, shipping rates by weight, price, ...

  • Subscription Management:
    membership fee paid by the member / customer weekly, monthly, yearly, ...

  • Support For 80+ Credit Card Payment Gateways:
    Paypal, Authorize,Net,...

  • Tax Handling:
    Specify tax rates for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. Define Tax Zones and assign these Tax Zones to several items(Product-specific taxes), tax rules...

  • Wishlist:
    add items to wishlist, save cart funtion