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Canam Wiki v3

posted by Canam Software Labs, Inc. - 11/7/2014
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A truly collaborative wiki module. With Canam Wiki, businesses of any size can engage a community of users to add and edit content in a central location for improved interactivity, enhanced communication and maximized business efficiency. Module 33858
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A Truly Collaborative Wiki Module
Share knowledge. Invite user comments. Track content changes.

With Canam Wiki, businesses of any size can engage a community of users to add and edit content in a central location for improved interactivity, enhanced communication and maximized business efficiency.

Create new pages and categorize them for quick search using DNN Search Integration and Wiki-based searches.

Edit content with a simple double click of the mouse.

Retain control over content with administrator-defined user permission roles.

Canam Wiki ensures simple and easily managed tools allowing for information collaboration within your website!

Major Features

  • jQuery themes make customizing the look of the wiki easy for seamless integration with the visual presence of an existing website NEW!
  • Count views for each page and list pages based on popularity NEW!
  • Tighter integration with DNN than ever before: DNN search, Export/Import (excluding images and files), Taxonomy, DNN file system, DNN Sitemap for SEO
  • Role and user based security system makes sophisticated security setting easy and solid
  • Workflow protects your site from being abused
  • WYSIWYG visual editor to create new content without worry of layout errors before publication
  • Change notifications indicate a change has occurred on a wiki page or discussion. Administrators can control who receives the notification
  • CAPTCHA for anonymous users (Optional)
  • Wikipedia style footnotes allow for further clarification of content in a form that is familiar to many
  • Other exciting features such as:
    • Create unlimited topics and pages in rich text - HTML, Wiki Markup or both
    • Fully responsive UI NEW!
    • Set permissions for a page as you edit it NEW!
    • Set meta keywords for SEO NEW!
    • Customizable tag cloud
    • Maintain page history, rollback to any version
    • Snippets and Templates to reuse content
    • RSS Feeds
    • Import and export content
    • DNN Sitemap support

Feature Comparison Chart for Canam Wiki v3

  Community Standard Professional Enterprise
WYSIWYG Editor Supported Supported Supported Supported
Faster, Responsive UI Supported Supported Supported Supported
Export/Import Content
(excluding images and files)
Supported Supported Supported Supported
DNN Search Integration   Supported Supported Supported
Auto Generate Page Name (ID)   Supported Supported Supported
Enable/Disable View Page Code   Supported Supported Supported
Section Editing   Supported Supported Supported
Versioning/Page History   Supported Supported Supported
Page Rollback (no deleting)   Supported Supported Supported
Page List Pager
(with page size configuration)
  Supported Supported Supported
DNN Sitemap Support   Supported Supported Supported
Footnotes   Supported Supported Supported
Role & User Based Permissions     Supported Supported
Code Snippet     Supported Supported
RSS Feed     Supported Supported
File Attachments     Supported Supported
New Page Notification     Supported Supported
Page Change Notification     Supported Supported
Discussion Change Notification     Supported Supported
Workflow     Supported Supported
Template     Supported Supported
Enable/Disable Page Menus     Supported Supported
Module Instances Allowed Single Single One portal One DNN installation
DNN Editions Supported Community Community Community & Pro Community, Pro, Enterprise


How do I activate the module?
A purchase confirmation will be emailed (via [email protected]) as soon as your purchase is completed. For activation, go to License Manager to verify the license key contained in your invoice (under Billing Information, against Canam Wiki Software Key). Please note that this invoice is different from the one sent to you by the DNN store.
I’ve been using the trial version and I just purchased a full license. Do I have to re-install?
You do not need to re-install the module to apply a new license. Just go to the module License Manager (from the module context menu) and use the new key for activation.

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5 5 (3 product reviews)
Sourabh H says... 5 5.0
I really like the features of this module - perhaps the only viable wiki on the DNN platform. The after sales service is what makes it exceptional -... Show More
Posted 8/19/2015
Steve S says... 5 5.0
I have been using the CanAmWiki module for a couple of years now. It offers a very rich set of features above and beyond my initial expectations. I... Show More
Posted 10/7/2014
John S says... 5 5.0
After trying DNN's core wiki, using Canam Wiki Pro was very gratifying. This module is powerful and flexible, and it's been easy to customize and... Show More
Posted 9/7/2011