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Imbibe's Caching Provider Module for DNN boosts the performance of your DNN site by giving you a series of options to dramatically reduce the load time and page size of your DNN page. Module 34148
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Imbibe's Caching Provider Module for DNN boosts the performance of your DNN site by giving you a series of options to dramatically reduce the load time and page size of your DNN page.

More specifically, the Output Caching feature caches the rendered output of a page on first anonymous request for any page and uses the cached output to server subsequent requests for the same page by anonymous users, thereby completely bypassing the long and time-consuming request processing pipeline for each DNN page.
The built-in options to choose between Memory, File or Database based Output Caching provide you all the flexibility you need to choose a caching strategy that best suits the unique needs of your DNN site.

Then ViewState caching allows you to move the ViewState of your DNN page output to database or file-system thus enabling substantial reduction in the output size of your site's page. You can choose to enable ViewState caching for all, or particular set of users.

Both Output and ViewState Caching integrate deeply with DNN platform and the .Net platform.

Download fully-functional 15-day Trial versions from the links below:
DNN 5 fully-functional 15-day trial version
DNN 6 fully-functional 15-day trial version
DNN 7 fully-functional 15-day trial version


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