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posted by BravoSquared - 2/11/2015
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If you are considering Google or Coveo, then you need to check out Bravo Search. Not only does Bravo Search based on Lucene and have an expansive and comparable feature set but it also integrates with DNN right out of the box. Module 34241
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Bravo Search

Developed specifically to be the BEST search for DNN.

Thinking about Google Search Appliance? You don't need it! Consider Bravo Search.

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New in v1.1

Did You Mean

"Did you mean?" search suggestions for misspellings or irrelevant search queries. Similar to google's "did you mean" generator, if a user's search phrase does not yield a certain number of results (this threshold is configurable), a suggestion will appear with a closely matched phrase which, if clicked, will replace the search phrase and yields results.

Custom Index Schemas

This is where Bravo Search's real power comes from. With Bravo Search you can fully customize your index schema!

Custom Faceting & Filtering

Give your site visitors the power to find exactly what they are looking for. Thanks to custom indexing functionality, Bravo Search allows for custom facets and filters that will make it easy for your site visitors to winnow down their search results.

Powerful Language Processing

There is powerful language processing behind Bravo Search and can provide your site with:

  • Spell Check
  • Synonyms
  • Thesaurus
  • Stemming
  • Shingling
  • Wild Card Terms
  • Custom Stop Words


Need more search power? No problem, Bravo Search is scalable and allows for off-loading the search processing to its own server or across multiple servers for even MORE POWER!!!

Flexible Result Templating System

Gone are the days of being locked into ugly search result templates. Bravo Search gives you the power to make the results look the way you want them to look and do what you want them to do.

Indexing of Unlimited Sources

Power, power, power, that's what our Bravo Search is all about, our search can index the content on your site as well as any other third party site. Indexing can be done via API or good old fashioned crawling.

Autocomplete / Typeahead

Sometimes your visitors don't know exactly what they are looking for, that's when"type ahead" comes in very handy. Bravo Search gives your visitors the power to determine and find exactly what they are looking for fast and easily.

Document Search

Our Bravo Search can also parse and search within the following document types:

  • Office
  • OpenOffice
  • AdobePDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • Plain Text
  • Audio File Metadata
  • Image Metadata

Customizable Relevance Ranking

Bravo Search provides for the ability to customize the weighting mechanics for determining relevancy.

Native DNN Support

Bravo Search was built to work with DNN and provides administration screens as well integrating with the DNN Scheduler as well as permissions and roles.

Additional Features

  • Integrates with DNN Scheduler
  • Relevance Customization
  • Can Support Up To 17 Languages
  • Can Support Geolocation Search
  • Video Results
  • Image Results
  • Site Crawling
  • Site Indexing via API
  • Secured Search Results

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License $9,200 Annually

License Basics

  • Installation for a single DNN instance
  • Online product support portal
  • 4 Hours of online support (web tickets)
  • Response time of 1 business day
  • Latest software updates & upgrades
  • Access to training and implementation resources
  • A free implementation consultation


Product License

License Overview

$9,200.00 Annually
Installation for a single DNN instance
Online product support portal
4 Hours of online support (web tickets)
Response time of 1 business day
Access to latest software updates & upgrades