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Bootstrap 2 / Brand new HTML5 & CSS3 skin package for DNN6 / 28 skins / 25 containers / LTR+RTL

posted by UltimateDNN - 3/14/2012
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Brand new skin package based on Twitter's Bootstrap 2.0 toolkit. The power of HTML5 + CSS3. 4 fully responsive layouts, 7 different backgrounds. 28 skins + 25 containers for any purpose. Now with RTL support! Theme 24939
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Bootstrap 2 / Brand new HTML5 & CSS3 skin package for DNN6 / 28 skins / 25 containers

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Please ensure that Client Resource Management functionality is enabled on you website.
If no, just follow the instructions.



Please note that Bootstrap Toolkit works only with the latest version of jQuery! You can check the jQuery settings in Host Settings -> Advanced Settings Tab -> jQuery Settings
Jquery settings

Version 2.1 change log:

  1. Twitter's Bootstrap updated to version 2.0.3
  2. Added language selector














  • Q: Is there a way to incorporate a Logo? I don't see it as a token within the skin.

    A: Bootstrap skin doesn't have the Logo skin object. You can add it yourself to a specific ASCX file.

  • Q: I have loaded this skin (bootstrap2) on 6.0 and did the client dependency and jquery and get this error. Could Not Load Skin: /Portals/_default/Skins/Bootstrap2_Fluid_Fixed_Nav/Wood BG.ascx, Error: Could not load file or ****embly 'DotNetNuke.Web.Client' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    A: Hi, Client Resource Management is the new feature in DotNetNuke 6.1 so please use at least this version. DNN 6.0 is not supported. Thanks, Stay tuned

  • Q: Like your skin since I like Twitter's Bootstrap project :-) Do you support Catalook Skinning also? like this product http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/%28dnn456%29-dnngo-burgandy-textiles-store-advanced-catalook-skin-002-%28with-jquery-slider-module%29 Thx, Ash

    A: Hi, Unfortunately we don't test our skin with this module. Stay tuned.

  • Q: Hi. I like your bootstrap 2 skin. I see it is supposed to be reponsive design, and it works in a regular browser on my mac/pc. But when I try it on iphone, it still shows the full width version and the text and menus are very small and hard to read. I tried it on ipad as well, and it still was not responsive?

    A: Hi, Can you please provide a link with the problem? As you can see on our demo site, it's fully responsive. http://www.responsinator.com/?url=www.365branding.com/dotnetnuke/bootstrap2

  • Q: How do I use the containers? For instance, I added two modules with the Tab container to the page. How do I make the tabs work?

    A: You can see the markup on the demo site. To get the tabs you have to add one module with several divs with unique id and the header tag inside. E.g <div id="tab1"><header>Tab 1 caption</header> Tab 1 content... </div> <div id="tab2"><header>Tab 2 caption</header> Tab 2 content... </div>

  • Q: Hi, I bought bootstrap 1, what is the difference with 2? and i don't see any sample pages demonstrating forms anymore? thanks! jasen

    A: Hi, The main difference is in underlying JavaScript + CSS toolkit - Bootstrap. Bootstrap 2 skin has the newest version while Bootstrap 1 is built with the old one. Stay tuned.

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yaser n says... 5 5.0
Excellent. Well worth the investment. I bought Both LTR RTL . Great product!
Posted 4/5/2012