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DNN ultra module collection with lots of essential features for any website, including blog/news/article, media gallery/albums/slider, twitter feed etc. Module 25565
  • $99.95 Standard SunBlogNuke + Twitter feed widget + single portal/install licence
  • $109.95 Standard SunBlogNuke + GalleryPlus module + single portal/install licence
  • $199.95 Professional SunBlogNuke + Twitter feed widget + 10 portals licence
  • $219.95 Professional SunBlogNuke + GalleryPlus module + 10 portals licence
  • $299.95 Enterprise SunBlogNuke + GalleryPlus module + Twitter feed widget + unlimited portals/installs license


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Would you like to build total brand blog/news/articels for your company website or clients? Congratulations, the SunBlogNuke module is your exact choice.

Ultimate DotNetNuke Blog Module - SunBlogNuke

SunBlogNuke is the ultimate publishing tool for DotNetNuke (DNN) websites, with a focus on simplicity, ease of extensibility, web standards and usability. It includes a great suite of modules for blogging on your DNN site.

SunBlogNuke was born out of our own desire for a better blogging platform. Our modules will have your blog up and running in a snap with loads of interactive features.

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If you are finding a highlight solution to display pictures on your DNN website, the GalleryPlus module will be exactly what you need. It is ultra photo gallery framework built on top of DotNetNuke(DNN) platform. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries and slideshows for the dnn website.

Out of the box, you can manage your albums & photos; plus feel free to build your own customized interface by lots of external resources without any complicated code, such as any jQuery gallery & slider plugin you can find.

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free twitter feed dnn module

If you are finding a highlight solution to display your most recent Twitter updates on your DNN website, the "Twitter Feed widget" module will be exactly what you need. With the free widget, it is easy to integrate the twitter feed into the sidebar of dnn blog to show your latest tweets.

Out of the box, you just need to specify the public twitter account info (username) and this dnn widget will do the rest for you. Moreover, you can control how tweets are displayed from widget settings panel, such as Number of displayed Tweets & whether to Show Replies. The cache mechanism also let your dnn website avoid critical website load traffic. 

BTW, as you noticed, it was implemented as one widget module for our core product - Ultimate DNN Blog Module SunBlogNuke. So if you are our clients of SunBlogNuke, twitter feed module will be free to access in the download page of our website. If you are not now please feel free to join our community and will be surprised. :) 

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