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Biz Locator (v 0.4)

posted by simpleeclick.com - 1/11/2011
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Put your business locations, shops, schools, diving spots, your visitors' registered addresses, or any other locations on the Google Map. You can manually enter your locations or use SQL query to obtain your data from a database. Module 20250
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Free upgrade   Get a 100.0% discount on Biz Locator (v 0.4) (Standard) when you order Biz Locator (v 0.2.1) (Standard)
Free Upgrade   Get a 100.0% discount on Biz Locator (v 0.4) (Enterprise w/ source) when you order Biz Locator (v 0.2.1) (Enterprise)

Make it easy for user to search your locations. You can use this module to put business locations, shops, schools, diving spots, your visitors’ registered addresses, or any other locations on the Google Map.You can manually enter your data or use queries to obtain your data from a database. Many display and search options can be enabled or disabled to customize your BizLocator module.

Trial version with full features is now available. 

Free Version: After 15 days of trial period, you may continue to use it with limited locations to be displayed.

Optional Advance search section

Adv. Search

Customize your BizLocator module with unique marker


Integrate with other address database (Query in SQL statement from SQL Server)

custom data


  • Supports any locations
  • Using latest Google Map API v3.
  • Geocodes your address if you do not have geographic coordinate
  • Using popular google map for your locations
  • Customize your pages with many options
  • Search options include distance, address or category.
  • Each search options can be enabled or disabled
  • Display directions link in pop-up windows
  • Customize your display html with tokens in pop-up windows
  • Optional to enable or disable view list of your locations
  • Easy to use configuration interface
  • Allow SQL to query your data from MS SQL database and MS Access
  • Accept parameters from URL to sql query.
  • Allow cluster markers


v 00.03.05   Compatibility: DNN5.1 +

v 00.04.08   Compatibility: DNN7.0,6 + 




BizLocator Demo

BizLocator Demo 2




  • Q: Is this compatible with DNN v6.1.4?

    A: Yes. It will work.

  • Q: i will use the database listing for the markers, is there a way to have an image from database as the custom marker. if yes i will buy this module

    A: In our current version, there is only one custom marker apply to all locations. We are consider to allow custom markesr for any location in our future development.

  • Q: I have 2 servers running DNN. One is the production server and the other is the development server. If I wanted to run the Biz Locator on both, would I need 2 licenses, or do you allow for a development and production instance on a single license?

    A: You only need one license. You can install purchased module in both server.

  • Q: Do you have a working live demo of this product? All the associated websites are broken.

    A: Yes. We do have a working live demo of Biz Locator. The website was down due to the ISP service outage on Wednesday and it is back already. Please try again thanks. Here is the links: http://www.simpleeclick.com/Projects/BizLocator/BizLocatorDemo.aspx And for URL parameters http://www.simpleeclick.com/Projects/BizLocator/BizLocatorwithURLParametersDemo.aspx

  • Q: I have a DB of crime data for a city I want to plot. What happens to an address where there is multiple items at that address? Thanks... Dave

    A: Hi Dave, Thank you for purchasing our module. If you use custom data in the settings, you can use "Distinct" key word in your SQL to filter out multiple items. We can also cluster markers if need. Please send email to [email protected] for a trial version. Thanks, Kenny

  • Q: Does your Biz Locator module have the ability to allow users to get directions without having to redirect them to google maps? Also do you provide free updates if Standard or Enterprise is purchased?

    A: No. The directions is redirect to Google map. We will consider it in next release. Yes, we provide free updates.

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Salem K says... 5 5.0
I installed the trail version, Kenny the developer with all the points I raised even after the release of the latest version (still in trail version)... Show More
Posted 1/20/2011