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Responsive Design works great across devices; HTML5 & CSS3 design; 960 Grid Layout; Typography; Single Color; SEO Menu and Mega Menu; DNN Social; Comes with 3 layouts; 10 containers; Slide banner; Compatible with DNN 5/6/7. Works with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome. Theme 32014
This product is the single color scheme skin from "Advance Skin Pack ( 15 Colors )". You can click the above options to choose a single color scheme.
Adaptive Responsive Design works great across Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phones and adjusts to different screen sizes.
Use HTML5 and CSS3 design which will make your site more interactive and more SEO friendly.
Comes 3 menu options: DNN Standard Menu, DNN Mega Menu and Left Menu. All menus are very good for website SEO.
Comes with 4 different Grid Responsive layouts, including a Social Layout for building social networks in DNN 6.2+.
Each color scheme contains 10 different matching containers.
Imports Twitter Bootstrap which offers complete Typography options, dozens of components and JavaScript plugins.
Includes two responsive slideshow jQuery and 4 slideshow templates which you can make banner slide easily on your site.
Includes several jQuery plugins which can realize these effect: Picture Lightbox, Carousel, Vertical Slider and Image Shake etc.
Compatible with DNN 5.x, DNN 6.x and DNN 7.x. Guaranteed to work with future versions aswell.
Tested in and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome.

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Responsive Design across Devices:


Three Menu Options:


Responsive Slideshow:


Hover Icon Rotate Effect:


Carousel Slider:


Vertical Slider:


Responsive Lightbox Effect:


Typography Options:


Bootstrap Features:


SocialProfile Page:


15 Color Schemes:

BlueViolet Brass CadetBlue DarkSlateBlue FireBrick Gray LightSeaGreen MediumOrchid
RoyalBlue SeaGreen Sienna SlateGray SteelBlue Turquoise YellowGreen  


Layout Configuration options:


Product License

After the purchase, you're granted rights to install the skin pack on any number of your portals or your customer portals. The skin pack and a single skin from the pack should not be resold on any marketplace.