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0016 Silverlight Photo Gallery 5.9 (Flickr & Picasa & SmugMug support)

posted by DnnModule.com - 8/19/2011
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A Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy Silverlight photo gallery module which lets you publishing highly-customizable photo galleries like dynamic gallery,customize gallery,or directly retrieve images from Flickr/ Google Picasa /SmugMug.com. More than 80 new options added in v5.x Module 22830
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                                  Silverlight Photo Gallery 5.9
1.  Introduction
     This is a Ready-to-Use-and-Deploy Silverlight Gallery application which mainly based from the famous open source project - Slide.Show.  It utilizes the slide.show control advantages to let you publishing highly-customizable photo galleries.
     Package contains two sub modules: Photo Gallery and Gallery Category.  Photo Gallery is used to display photo slide shows and Gallery Category is used to provide gallery list navigation for photo gallery module instance.

      Visit http://DnnModule.com/tabid/69/Default.aspx  to see live demo.
2.  Module show case

Master Pools Guild, Inc.
Loebs + Gordon Poolcraft
  East Hampton, NY
Platinum Poolcare, Ltd.
  Wheeling, IL
Morehead Pools
  Escondido, CA
Rin Robyn Pools
  Bernardsville, NJ
Questar Pools and Spas, Inc.
  Escondido, CA
Rugged Class Waterfalls & Pools
  Yakima, WA
Rosebrook Pools, Inc.
  Libertyville, IL
The Swimming Man
  Austin, TX
Stone Mason of Spring
  Montgomery, TX
Water In Transit
  Franklin, TN
Valley Pool and Spa
  Kelowna, BC, Canada
Luxury Pools
   The World Registry of Elite Pool Designers & Builders
Pool & Spa Outdoor Design
   View our photo gallery below to see the Top Ten Fabulous Pools of the month.
Glencoe Park District
  Established in 1912 and is located in Glencoe, Illinois.
FotoClub Ef Elf
  Welcome FotoClub

      visit http://DnnModule.com/Showcase.aspx for more show case of Silervlight Photo Gallery module
3.  Photo gallery module features
Photo Gallery is used to display photo slide shows. It supports galleries like:
      1: Dynamic Gallery
      2: Customize Gallery         
      3: Simple Slideshow
      4: Flickr Gallery
      5: Picasa Gallery 
      6: SmugMug Gallery

      3.1. Dynamic Gallery view demo
Dymaic Gallery is a amazing feature , it enables  you create gallery in just one minute. Simply specify a folder, It will  automatically scan it and its sub directories, picking up all the images files and build the album for you. Whenever your image file(or directory) is changed,it will automatic refresh. It makes things more easy because all you need to do is select a specific gallery folder , and then maintain its folder structure and files through other tools(like ftp software), gallery will automatic changed.

                                  Dynamic gallery with album paging

    Besides that , module also let you organize albums(or images) by add prefix. For example ,if you have two albums, BAlbum, CAlbum, you can change their order by change their name as 01CAlbum,02BAlbum, and set "Omit Folder Char" to 2, then their order will be 01CAlbum,02BAlbum but their name will be CAlbum,BAlbum, the first two letter is removed. You can also exclude some directories ,prevent them to display.

      3.2. Customize Gallery  view demo
      Customize gallery allows you define a list of albums, and add image slide to each album.Each album can have its own transition style(fade transition/shape transition/slide transition/wipe transition).  It is the typical usage.

                       Customize gallery - album viewer

 Customize gallery - Slide viewer. Click the right bottom button will let you view in full screen

     3.3 Simple Slideshow  view demo
     Simple Slideshow acts like a normal image rotator. It allows you add a list of iamges and then rotator them. The rotator transition can be selected from fade transition/shape transition/slide transition and wipe transition.

      3.4 Flickr Gallery  view demo
      Flickr Gallery enables you integrate your gallery in Flickr. To retrieve image you need provide a valid flickr user name.

     Click here to view live demo, please note sometimes it will display a image error message due to the connection to Flickr in demo page.

                                    Flickr Gallery

      3.5 Picasa Gallery
 Picasa Gallery enables you integrate your gallery in Picasa. Unlike Fickr, it only need  a valid Picasa user name to retireve images.

                                   Picasa gallery settings

       3.6 SmugMug Gallery   
 SmugMug(http://www.SmugMug.com) is a family business dedicated site which offers easy, beautiful, ad-free photo-sharing.  
      You can retrieve images  to show a single album from any smugmug account (provided those albumss are public) by simply providing the albumId and albumKey. You can get the id and key for any album by selecting that album on the smugmug site and looking at the end of the url, it is in the format of http://user.smugmug.com/gallery/albumId_albumKey#ImageId.  

You can also provide a  nickname of SmugMug account to retrieve all public albums of that account.

                                                      SmugMug gallery settings

                                                SmugMug gallery demo

4.  Gallery layout settings(new in v5.0)
     V5.0 add a new “gallery layout“ settings wizard step. It introduce more than 80 options to let your control every component layout in gallery. Like Navigation Tray/Album Viewer/Album Button/Album Nagivation/Slide Description... etc.

      4.1 Gallery layout component part 1 
      1. Album viewer  2. Album navigation 3  Album button)

      4.2 Gallery layout component part 2

             1. Slide description          2. Navigation tray      3  Slide navigation
             6 Toggle album viewer      7 Toggle full screen   8 Thumbnail viewer

           4.3 Gallery layout settings screenshot

                        Gallery layout settings 1

                  Gallery layout settings 2

5.  Gallery category module featue
      5.1 Introduction
      Gallery Category is an independent module which provides category list navigation for photo gallery module instance.   Each category corresponds a folder under portal site. It has properties like title, image, and description. Click category item will display images under this folder ( including its sub directories ) on silverlight photo gallery module instance. This module can be put on the same page with silverlight photo gallery module instance, or put on different page ( In this case you need specify which page the photo gallery module instance exists ).

     This sub module is very useful when you have multiple galleries. In previous edition you need add different photo gallery instance for each gallery. Now you only need one instance by using “Gallery Category” sub module.  Click here to view demo.

     5.2 Customize url parameter
     Besides using “Gallery Category” module, you can also customize your own url parameters by provider  “FolderId” and “GalleryTitle” parameters.  For example, if silverlight photo gallery module instance  is http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/default.aspx, and you have a folder which id is 700, then input http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/FolderId/700/default.aspx   will display images under this folder,  and http://DnnModule.com/tabid/300/FolderId/700/GalleryTitle/Ok/default.aspx, will display images and change module title as “OK”.

 5.3 Control options
     Each category corresponds a folder on your site.It has properties like title,image,description. You can control whether to show them in list, you can also control how many categories display in one row.
     5.4 Template based
     Category list supports templates ,you can customize your own style and display it.

6.  Other highlight features
      Powerful yet easy to use 
      Uses the asp.net 2.0 wizard control to easily guide you step by step. All you need to do is follow the wizard, click “previous” or “next”. It’s as easy as ABC.
     Fully customize supported
     V5.0 add a new “gallery layout“ settings wizard step. It introduce more than 80 options to let your control every component layout in gallery. Like Navigation Tray/Album Viewer/Album Button/Album Nagivation/Slide Description... etc.

    Template based 
    Both Photo Gallery and Gallery Category view interface are template based. You can customize your  own display template, change item  layout or add additional information as your wish.
   Localization support and online help support
     All settings are self-explanatory utilizing the standard DNN help menu system.

7. Change log
    : Fully compatible with dnn 6.0.   

    : Add “Windowless” option to not override dnn menus.   

    : Rewrote edit interface to reduce size.
    : Upgrade to new component
    : Rewrote help document

    : Resize big images.

                   Resize images tool

             Resize images on the fly option.

     V5.6 add a “Resize imges “ tool to let you resize portal images to specific size you want. Besides that , module also provide a option to resize big images on the fly.

    : Display images while editing slide list

8. Upgrade discount
     100% discount for customers who bought v5.8.

9. Some Module Admin Screens
    1.General Settings
    2.Slideshow settings
        2.1 Customize gallery slideshow settings
        2.2 Simple slideshow settings
        2.3 Flickr gallery slideshow settings
       3.1 Customize slide list
       3.2 Add slide from portal folder
       3.3 Using existing xml file

10  Help and support
      Package contains a user guide.doc for details on how to use this module.

      Online help available through the standard DNN help. 

      Visit our support forum  for any questions regarding issues with this module.
      Using Snowcovered help ticket syetem to submit your question.
Mail us at xiaoqi98@msn.com if you need more directly assistance(or if you have any improvement suggestion)

     Note, currently microsoft silverlight can only display English well, so, you should not use this module to display non- English album name or image file(like Chinese,Korean , etc).

11 Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source(c#) No  No Yes
Dnn Site Installation 1 site   Unlimited site Unlimited site

12 DNN Version Compatibility
    Dnn 4.x/5.x/6.x.

13 Silverlight Compatibility
Silverlight 2.0 and above.




  • Q: this not module cannot work in FIREFOX 14.0.1!! can fix?

    A: I just send Silverlight media gallery module package ( the advanced version) to your mail, please check it. Thanks for your support.

  • Q: Hi there, I have a couple of questions about your Gallery module: We have our DotNetNuke 6.1.5 installation on Windows Azure. Please could you let me know if your Gallery module will work within the Windows Azure environment? Can you also let me know if your Gallery module will work with the DNN6 Folder Providers? Also, does your Gallery module have a Watermark feature and if not, is it possible to add this? Many thanks

    A: First,I recommend you try our Cross Photo Gallery 5.4 module at http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/0011-cross-photo-gallery-54---multiple-user--flickr--picasa--silverlight. It can also import Flickr/Picasa photos and show them in Silverlight,but it offer more than 20 time features than Silverlight Photo Gallery module. Cross Photo Gallery v5.4 works under dnn 6.0+/6.1+. If your site under dnn 6.2, you can check Cross Photo Gallery 5.5 at http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/cross-photo-gallery-55---flickr--picasa--silverlight--dnn-62-journal which works on dnn 6.2. 1. We don't test on Windows Azure before, but I think it should work. You can try download trial version and install on your site at http://dnnmodule.com/FreeDownload.aspx. 2. Yes, it works with dnn 6 folder provider. It also support Amazon S3. 3. The watermark feature doesn't available, but it can be easily done. We will add watermark feature in next version (v6.3). Thanks for your information. Any problem,please let us know.You can mail us at xiaoqi98@msn.com. Xiao Qi from http://DnnModule.com

  • Q: I have Silverlight Photo Gallery 5.7. How can I upgrade to 5.9 on this site? Do I have to upgrade to 5.8 and then to 5.9?

    A: Yes, the upgrade from v5.7 to v5.8 (and also v5.8 to v5.9) are all 100% free. If you have any problem to upgrade, just let us know. By the way,your review to Silverlight Photo Gallery module is still helpful. You can add it at http://store.dotnetnuke.com/my-account/my-downloads. Thanks for your support.

  • Q: About the Flickr module... Do you download the image to the local server, or can the images shown directly from the Flickr?

    A: Module directly shown images from Flickr(and also Picasa/Smugmug). By the way, Silverlight photo gallery is mainly for site administrator use. If you want to allow multiple users upload their photos(and also retrieve from Flickr/Picasa),please check our "Cross Photo Gallery 5.2 - Multiple user & Flickr & Picasa & Silverlight" module at http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/0011-cross-photo-gallery-52---multiple-user--flickr--picasa--silverlight. Contact us if you need more detail. Xiao Qi from http://DnnModule.com

  • Q: Hi I've ordered a module back and wanted to know how to get an upgrade. Your invoice number is E3E8C079AB5643E6BA481A4493DB364A Guerlince Semerzier, Yondernet Media Group Inc. 72 Gleenwood Somerville MA 02145 US Order Date: 7/14/2008 2:26:14 PM Status: Completed Payment Type: Credit Card Order Summary: 1 x $40.00 (Shipped) Silverlight Gallery 3.0 - Tech Help? Tax 1: $0.00 Tax 2: $0.00 (Seller) Total: $40.00 Thank you for ordering! The Store team DotNetNuke Corp. 155 Bovet Rd, Suite 201 San Mateo, CA 94402 United States Phone: 800-565-5886 E-mail: store@dnncorp.com

    A: Enter Guerlince as promo code before check out Silverlight photo gallery 5.9 at http://store.dotnetnuke.com/home/product-details/0016-silverlight-photo-gallery-59-%28flickr--picasa--smugmug-support%29, then you will get 60% upgrade discount. Please note,the promo code will expire after 2/25. Any problem,please let us know. Thanks for your long time support. Xiao Qi from http://DnnModule.com

  • Q: Hello, I'm looking for a photo Gallery that works with DNN 4.9.5 under https (no iframe allowed). To test this, is there a trial of Silverlight Photo Gallery 5.9? Best regards, Jörg

    A: Currently we don't have trial version for this module. However, I can promise module can work under dnn 4.9.5 with https. And it doesn't use Iframe. View live showcase at http://www.dnnmodules.cn/Showcase.aspx. Some of these showcase are based dnn 4.x. Contact us at xiaoqi98#msn.com if you need more detail. Thanks.

  • Q: Can you set the caption to appear automatically?

    A: Sorry, currently module display image title when you hover on it. Contact us at xiaoqi98#msn.com if you need more detail. Thanks.

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Steve T says... 5 5.0
Just downloaded and installed your module. Got it working based off Picasa VERY quickly and easily. I am very happy.
Posted 7/19/2011
Stephan K says... 5 5.0
Very nice gallery with lots of options to style it in your own way. Great support and a very short response time.
Posted 3/25/2011
Marty H says... 4 4.0
When you have pictures on Flickr or Google Picassa then this module is easy going on. Easy to configure but their is one thing I don't want forget to... Show More
Posted 10/25/2010
Cláudio T says... 4 4.0
Great support. cool features. Had a small configuration problem and these guys solved it in a flash second!
Posted 3/26/2010
Nelson L says... 4 4.0
Great module, easy to use and looks great. There are some display issue in Firefox, hopefully will be fixed in the next version
Posted 7/29/2009

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