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xEvent 2.6.1 / Events / TimeLine / Calendar / AccordionEvent / DNN8 / Azure (25% off)
John B (3) says... 5 5.0

user icon Candice and her team at DNNGo.Net are great. Support is excellent. Activation codes are prompt. Will be a continued loyal customer. Module customizations are quickly turned around. All in ALL Excellent DNN coding company.

posted on 11/29/2011
3D Flash Photo Galleries // Eight 3D Photo Galleries in 1 Skin With Multiple Backgrounds // DNN4.x &
John B (3) says... 1 1.0

user icon Beware! This developer is a Scam and Fraud! This package is advertised as "Galleries" and a Theme. Advertising a product as "flash galleries" in DNN development is module level control. These flash galleries are modified on the Container level. Seriously. In order to modify the galleries you have to modify the container. This REQUIRES ftp, host level access, coding knowledge, and graphic manipulation to even try to use this package. This developer refused to refund the cost of this package because "there is no demonstrated error". The error is the lack of information regarding this product! Had I known of the security level modification requirement I wouldn't have bought it. Here's the kick in the gonads. I've been developing DNN sites/code since DNN2 and purchasing modules/skins including source packages. I have only asked for 1 refund and that was multiple years ago. I called, explained the issue and it was remedied promptly. DotNetNuke doesn't care about people who purchas

posted on 9/30/2010
Markit Fancy Popup V2.3 (Add existing module)
John B (3) says... 5 5.0

user icon Excellent module! Exceptional support. I recommend this for everyone.

posted on 4/20/2009