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Action Form 3.8 - The Easiest and Most Flexible Form Builder for DNN
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user icon I purchased this product...installed it and immediately did not like it. I then, uninstalled it immediately and came to the DNN Store where I requested a refund because I do not intend to use this form...I have since returned to use an older different form module that I had and that worked for me. I have received two emails indicating there is a free limited time version I could have used for the Action Form and then, a second email indicating there were several nice new features in this form...however, I have heard no response to my request for a refund for a product I do not want. PLEASE review my request for a refund and please let me know what can be done to complete this request. Thank you. Don Steinberger (907) 355-8883 [email protected]

posted on 4/20/2016
DNN Sharp replied...
user icon Hello Don, We answered to your every message on DNN Store. Please find below my last message that you didn't reply: "To authorize a refund I need a justification. Allow me to kindly ask this question again: "Would you be kind to spot the sales information provided that didn't match with the product when you used it?"" ( ) The time limit for your request is 30 days since the purchase was made. We're not authorized by DNN Store to approve refunds after these 30 days. I'm sorry for this situation, we had good intentions with your case, but this is the procedure to approve a refund and you didn't answered back at all. At this moment we can only offset with a discount coupon code if you want to change your item with another DNN Sharp product. For this option you have 3 months to decide for another product and paying only the price difference for it. If there's anything else we can help you with, let us know!
DNNGo EC MegaMenu (Mega, Menu, Html, Load Module, dropdown, Mega Menu )
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user icon This product didn't really perform as I would have expected and when I attempted to gain assistance from the module designer I got a response that indicated I should purchase support from a professional module designer to resolve any issues I had. This really didn't seem to me to be a quality support response. I have yet to be able to get this module to work properly and still cannot get their support.

posted on 5/13/2012 replied...
user icon Dear Don, I feel very sorry that you gave low rating and comments for this product. Frankly speaking, this is first bad rating which we got. We can confirm that we replied our emails and questions from clients each day. Did you miss our reply? That's why you think we didn't give you support? Anyway, we're still eager to give you support and help you solve issue with using our product. You can send email to [email protected] and tell us your question. Regards, Candice